Thursday, July 02, 2009

Where Have We Gone...

Two week hiatus! Two week hiatus! It may as well been four weeks with the amount of things happening around here. In fact, over the last weekend, Collin, Betsy, Kristen and I took a kid free trip to Mexico. You heard it here Bemmers...just the adults in Mexico. Emmy had an extended sleepover at GiGi and Pop's house, which she loved. She got to know some of her cousins better, as well as a great Aunt and Uncle and of course her very own Aunt and Uncle. She even had time to play with the dogs. She absolutely loves dogs! Of course, we won't mention all of the "fun" food items she gets when she goes for a vacay at the grandparents...Diet Coke, donut holes, mexican food...wait, those remind me of someone's very favorite foods and drink...I won't name names...

While sad, Kristen and I were able to get in Collin and Betsy's ride and go to the airport for our first trip away. By the way, great collaborative effort not to have Tim take us to the airport with the Bemmers in tow, that could have been a little hairy...Kristen only bawled once, very much the trooper. An hour and 50 minutes later we were in the Cancun airport. 45 minutes after that we were in our suites at the Valentin Imperial Maya. 20 minutes after that I had a drink and was sitting on a raft floating in the pool. Mexico really can be great.

If any of you are interested in going to Mexico, now may be the time. Low prices, basically deserted and great weather...well at least most of the time...we had a blast! From the rollin surf and boogey boardin to the Texas Hold'em to the relaxin by the pool, it was a vacation that the four of us all enjoyed.

Kristen and I were even able to scratch something else off the life to do list. Sunday morning we got up, 5:30 am to be exact, and boarded a bus for XCarat. There we did something that I know my baby has been wanting to do for some time, swim with the Dolphins...Now, the weather was not ideal, overcast, raining on and off...but the Dolphins were plentiful! Kristen and I had our pictures taken with a dolphon kissing each of us, petting the dolphin and holding its fins. We evern had the chance to be pushed through the water by a pair of dolphins. "Pushed through the water by dolphins?" you may be asking...think the original Jaws, when the girl is being attacked by the great white and she is being tossed through the water by the buoy only to be eaten shortly there after. Just like that, without the blood and guts portion at the end...We wanted all the pics and the video, but at $25 bucks per pic we could only afford a pair, so feast your eyes on $50 worth of picture amazement and wonder.

We did make it back to the states, and we did get our Bemmers back. She has quite the personality now, but that is the subject of another post on another day. Before we left she had been trying desperately to crawl and stand up on her own. Well, she's still working on the crawling but standing up is no longer a problem, and sitting down all day is not an option.


Since we came home from Mexico she also has started talking more and more. Daddy is ecstatic with the new progress...I think everyone will recognize what she is saying...