Friday, September 25, 2009

Where are you Ryan Seacrest?

Last Thursday the Sansom family went Hollywood and attended our first movie premiere at the Angelika for the movie Uncross the Stars. Mom and Dad's next door neighboor "inherited" this movie from his Uncle when he passed away. Yes, I didn't know that you could inherit a movie either, but I think I'd like to try if anyone would like to just give me one.
We got all dressed up, hit happy hour and a little early dinner at Mia Bella, and then fixed our lipstick and got ready for Ryan Seacrest.

Well, he wasn't there. And neither was Guiliana Rancic, but you know who was there.... Irma P. Hall, and we took an excellent Iphone picture with her. She plays Lulu in the movie so we did take a picture with a movie star after all.

This is actually what she looks like. For another EXCELLENT Iphone picture, here's the fam with a giant glowing ball of light. (AKA the movie poster)
Here's the office IMDB plot summary: Troy, a young man grieving from the loss of his young wife, is asked by his Aunt Hilda to build her a porch. He goes to her house in a desert community, interacts with the colorful locals, and tries to reconcile with himself. It was a good movie.. made you laugh and cry and Blake was excited that Hellboy (Ron Perlman) was in it. Laura said it was very PS I Love You, which I've never seen because I don't think I could believe Hillary Swank in a romantic comedy role. I digress.
Here's the official premiere summary: Even though there was no Ryan, there was Lulu, some yummy bellinis, superb iphone photography, and fun family times!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Family Photo Shoot!

Since we haven't taken a family photo since I was in oh, 5th grade, I made my family all get together to take a group shot. We all put on our blue and did our best to take a pic before it got too steamy. As you can see, the hair was growing the later it got. Blake and Emmy look cute in them, and she coaxed a real smile out of my mom, so we'll call it a success! Thanks to Renea at 6 Carr Photography for a nice session!


Today we took advantage of our day off to go play with Seth. He's such a cutie and he and Emmy had a good time crawling around on the floor and chewing each other's toys. we're so glad that the Watson's are back in Texas and available for play dates =)
This is the closest we got to a picture of the two of them together both looking at the camera.

Seth showing off some of his 8 teeth! Emmy just cut her 2nd one this weekend and all I have to say is I HATE teeth.
This is Emmy's new thing. She wants to "give" you everything... food, toys, her pacifier.....
Seth tried to flirt with Emmy, but she was more interested in the cell phone. She was SOOOO excited that she got to chew on a real one and no one grabbed it away from her.
Also in hair news... we have A CURL!!!! I've highlighted it for you just in case you have a hard time identifying it. The problem is, all the hair is growing in the back... in mullet terms...the party's getting started, but business is slow (must be the recession) this rate we'll just make a little ponytail in the back and tape a bow to her forehead =)