Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rock on!

Kate and Michelle came for a visit, and this pic is just too fun not to document.

We laugh because Emmy and Kate are the quiet ones of the typical crew.  Usually when kids are over it sounds like there are elephants upstairs. This time it was strangely quiet. I am convinced these two would be besties if they lived closer. They both LOVE princesses, dancing and singing, dressing up, and playing pretend. This time they were rock star princesses. My heart is happy that they just pick up where they left off and play like they haven't missed a beat.

We have a kindergartener!

It's hard for me to believe that we started this blog 3 years before she was born, and somehow she turned into a kindergartener! She is SO ready to go to school, but that doesn't make it any less crazy to me.

We have been talking about Kinder for so long that Emmy was somewhat "over it." I was a little worried that she was going to not be excited but I was wrong. She willingly went to bed early and of course, got herself, and B, up at 5:45 she was so excited.She wanted to carry all of her new gear and walk in to the school.
We'd met her teacher, Mrs. Schindler, the week before and she even remembered where to go once we got into the school. Her friend from the neighboorshood, Nicola, is in her class, and I think that makes her even more confident... whew!
We found her seat at Table 4, Seeing her name on the table somehow made it all real!
She wanted me to stay until all the other parents left, but once they did she just told me bye and went on with her play dough. It made me happy that she was so comfortable, and I even avoided an ugly cry as I walked out with the other parents. I think I am so sleep deprived at this point it somehow worked in my advantage.

She's not a huge talker, so you have to carefully pry info out with detailed questions and catch her in the mood to talk.  She came home telling us ALL about the behavior chart and who got what. That continues to be the big news of the day. She had to draw a picture about what she did this summer and this is what she did.  
I also got a fairly good chewing out that she did not get to ride the bus home or to school and was told under no uncertain terms that I needed to right Mrs. Schindler a note so she could ride the bus home. (she had tried to talk Mrs. Schindler into letting her ride it that day)  She reminded me of this about every 10 minutes, woke up in the  middle of the night to tell me, and told me first thing when she woke up in the morning.
This was her headed to the bus stop, so excited she couldn't walk by me. She even made up a "bus song". Who knew the bus was so exciting!!

I was fine that first day, but this was a whole new level for me. I know she is perfectly capable of this level of independence, but giving it to her was a really weird feeling. Not knowing exactly where she was, if she got to school ok, and exactly what she is doing at that moment is very strange!
Needless to say, the bus was a huge success. She came bouncing off that day with a huge smile. She even got an award later in the week for her good behavior in the bus line. That was huge!

A few highlights from the first week include:
  • Stories about how terrible her new friends behave... seriously hoping this isn't the types of people we'll have long term for friends, but oh well... one stands on his seat on the bus, one got put in time out for going to the wrong playground, and one lays down in the bathroom line...
  • A complete version of the "Check out your library book song." i'm sure she's one of the few who remember the whole thing, complete with motions, after hearing it once.
  • A litttle more chewing on the fact that SOME kids bought there lunch and she didnt get to... but then proceeded to tell me that she didn't like anything they had anyway.
  • And a lovely story about how she was waiting in the bus line and tooted and Oliver (her knew bad boy bus seatmate) screamed "YOU FARTED!"  which of course she thougth was hilarious.
Emmy had a great first week. She was excited to go every day, and I never had to fight her to get ready in the morning. I'm sure that will change eventually, but I'm so so happy we got off to a good start.

Cupcakes: 1 month

It's magically a month already. It feels like both a short and insanely long time. There has been a lot going on around here. I have unfortuantely had mastitis twice and my Csection has gotten infected. Both of these are potentially signs that I've been over-doing it. Well, duh.

At one month Sutton is:
  • A whopping 10 pounds! The formula chunk is on! We haven't had her 1 month visit yet, so I don't have her "official" stats. The double chin is our first official roll.

  • Eating all the time. She's pounding around 4 ounces every 2-3 hours.
  • Still grunting... a LOT.
  • Still hating to be put down. I'm starting to think we may unfortunatley have another Emmy sleeper on our hands. The girl is not a napper, unless you hold her, then she'll cat nap with one eye open. But I know she would SWEAR she's not tired. She will sleep in the swing.
  • In the rare case she does sleep, it's usually in a wierd position. She had her feet up like this while she was in my stomach and I guess it is still comfy.

  • Is starting to interact! She will stop and listen to you if you make a noise or talk to her. The kissy noise will even sometimes get a smile! Those are the absolute best.

  • Is starting to get use of her hands. She's doing less of the newborn-y "freakout" moves and starting to reach out towards toys on the play gym.
  • Can hold her head up on your shoulder for a long time. She's really strong. That is her favorite place to be. Looking around on your shoulder.
  • Has ALMOST ourgrown the newborn onsies. Her feet outgrew them a while back. They're so long they don't fit in the foot part and she can't straighten her legs.
  • Is sleeping from around 1-5 at night. We'll take it!
  • Makes MAJOR "Blake face". The girl has her mouth open all the time, but especially while sleeping.

  • Is pretty much CONSTANTLY loved/harassed by Emmy and Beckett. Emmy loves the way her head smells and sniffs her and B says "awwwsweetheart!" and kisses her over and over.

Sometimes it leads to this:
  • Has started perfecting her poses. here's the classic Sears "Hand on chin" and a more couture "bottle/puppy/nonchalant" look.

 Have a feeling 2 months is going to come even faster.