Saturday, October 20, 2012

That's a lot of pumpkins...

It's my favorite month of the year! And I don't officially count it kicked off until we take the mandatory pumpkin patch pictures. This year we were got to do it twice because you know we're taking them with both sets of cousins! (yes, I'm aware that I have a problem.)

First up- Vacek fam mis-tee-ve-us pumpkin patch! 

Emmy and Becks just want to look at each other and slap the pumpkins instead of taking pics. 

They are pretty sweet though! 
 Abs and Emmy are matching cuties. Abby was our styling director and no picture was complete unless every single person was holding a small pumpkin. She made sure that everyone had one.

 This picture makes me laugh ;)
 We had to go through a variety of "faces" to get everyone to look. This is everyone's "happy" faces, except for Sam and Becks. They're giving a little bit of "what tha" face and "are we really freaking doing this AGAIN" face.

 And next up : Sansom family pumpkin patch with custom made outfits custom of Gigi's NEW embroidery machine! (sure to make many further appearances on the blog.) We thought that this was pretty much how it was going to go...

But look how good we did! That's three kids looking in the general direction of the camera, and 1 is only a few weeks old! I was jumping like an idiot behind Laura, but you gotta do what you gotta do. These are the official pumpkin pictures we're talking about.

Mine STILL wouldn't look at the camera.. just at each other.

 But we got some interesting individual shots to show off the outfits. And Clara did GREAT!

 It is now OFFICIALLY Fall!

Back to the Beach!

We had so much fun on Labor Day and the weather was SO nice, that we decided to head back to the beach the next weekend. Even though Beckett has physically been at the beach, he hasn't actually been down to the water in a LONG time.  Of course, I forgot his freaking swimsuit, and Blake forgot his swimsuit, AND we forgot the pack and play. Yeah, we're losing it. Even thought B didn't have a swimsuit, he DID have a LOT of fun. He was SUPER busy, played in the sand...

 Even had time to make this for Emmy ;)
 He even played a little in the water. Emmy, on the other hand was very into it again. She wanted to jump and jump the waves.

We asked Dad to take a picture of us from "here up" and we followed my directions EXACTLY.

 One of the best moments of the weekend was when we all looked up and couldn't find Beckett. We realized then that he had taken off pushing to wagon loaded with all of our stuff down the beach. Mom caught up to him and he was going "Vrooom! Vroom!" having a great time.

 He's getting bigger and bigger everyday and I get surprised frequently when I realize he's doing unexpected "big kid" things. He's watched Emmy and GiGi blow bubbles many times now, and he just started doing it himself! He was pretty good. He really was more interested in pouring the bubbles, but we nixed that pretty quickly!