Wednesday, August 08, 2012

finally.... mexico!!!

I think we all thought that the day would never come, but FINALLY we were off to Mexico!! All of us were in serious need of some sleep, being able to actually go to the bathroom by ourselves and adult beverages by the pool. We ended up at a hotel that had a lot of kids, but somehow we managed to avoid them most of the time! We also somehow managed to repeat almost the exact same things we did on the last trip. Obligatory Mexican the first night to get into the spirit.

 And after a day of sitting by the pool we hit up the "bennihana" for some rice beating heart and onion train action! We sat next to some Brits which we pretty much stalked for the rest of the trip.

 After stuffing ourselves we headed over to what we were SURE would be an AWESOME night club. I'll let you look at the picture below and let you see just how awesome it was. If you're saying "Oh no they didn't...."

 YES THEY DID!!! Galaxy is the world's first Star Wars/Space combo nightclub. Not only was the millenium falcon there, so was an astronaut and a space shuttle. We're not quite certain if they weren't aware they weren't the same thing or not. We just went with it.
 After being the only people in the club for about thirty minutes we decided the club couldn't handle us and you guessed it... went to bed!

After a few days of surfing the waves and lounging by the pool....

We decided to all take an adventure to Rio Secreto. Basically a farmer found this huge underground river on his property and it's actually one of the longest one in the world. We took an insanely bumpy ride way back onto the property and descended into the "underworld" after being blessed by a Mayan priest. You gotta love our beautiful wetsuits. Glad I did all that Insanity before the trip! (ha!)

It was actually a really cool experience as there was no lighting or modernization of the caves. At one point they turned all the lights off and we sat in silence. I can't imagine the "oh S*(&" moment and ancient Mayan had as he ran through the rainforest and all of the sudden went kerplunk into a cenote!

By the fourth day (and about 356 times of hearing Party Rockers) I think we realized that over the past two years we had gotten a lot older, needed a lot more sleep, and just couldn't hang the way we used to. (Ok, that last statement is for myself. I'm pretty lame.) But what a great time to connect with my bestie and recharge a little. Even if there's no more kiddos, we're going to have to make this a tradition!