Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Slip N Slide - Nailed IT!

I bought a cheap slip-n-slide and thougth it's be fun to pull out for Beckett's birthday. I remember it being SO fun when I was a kid. What's crazy is that Emmy, Beckett, and our next door neighboor seemed to think it was the best thing ever too, even though they didn't QUITE understand the concept of what they were supposed to do. I took about 40 videos and laughed hysterically the whole time.





B is 3!

Somehow this little dude turned 3! He woke up in the morning, ran down the stairs and said this as soon as he opened the door. I thought he didn't realize it was his birthday, but boy did he.
We kicked off the day with a birthday donut, and rounded it off with cookie cake. Sugar, sugar, and more sugar.

He and Clara even snuck another birthday party in with extended family the next weekend. MORE SUGAR! (and more lbs for me because you KNOW I ate every single bit of leftover cake!)

At 3 the Beckaroo is:
  • In the "I DO IT" phase. This is what he usually looks like after he goes to the bathroom.
  • Still love cars more than anyhing else,but is also very into puzzles and games. And very randomly sharks. Helicopters and planes are pretty cool too.
  • His favortite show is Paw Patrol. TV is still very much like crack.
  • Is very adamt that his name is Beckett. He will only tolerate being called Beckett or B and sometimes Beckaroo. All other nicknames will get you a "my name is Beckett."
  • Still pretty goofy. He still loves to dance and sing. He also loves to car dance (this is genetic) to radio songs. He has most of them memorized as well. That's genetic too.
  • Just started soccer and loves it. He's turned into a little guy. He's into throwing, hitting, jumping, running, wrestling, and just all around doing boy stuff. It's interested to see him at home versus when he's with other guys. When he's around other boys he turns into a dude. I like to think he's a renassance man. Princesses AND guy stuff.
  • The terrible 3s are here. He will throw serious fits out of no where, someimes lasting an hour, and all of the sudden he'll say "just kidding!" and it's over. riiiight.
  • Is getting easier and easier to understand. I get about 90%. This is a prayer. "Dear God, thank you for everything. Amen"
  • Has little interest in riding his bike at home, but will do it at school.
  • Still LOVES emmy and Sutton, but he and Emmy have started into the fighting phase. Emmy agitates him just enough to get him mad, then he hits her or yells at her, and then she tattles. Sure we have many years of this ahead!
  • Still a very picky eater (especially now with so many food allergies) still bascially living on hot dogs, mac and cheese, and as many carbs as he can sneak in.
  • We're still not sure if he's a leftie or rightie. He does everything with both.
  • A sweet little guy. He loves to be hugged and tickled, but I wouldn't call him snuggly.
  • Is growing up to be a pretty handsome little guy (if I do say so myself).