Tuesday, July 05, 2011

America's Birthday Party

Guess where we went this weekend... the pool! I think I've swam more this summer than I've swam in the past five years. Emmy has been obsessed with identifying flags for a while now, so she was in heaven today with American flags EVERYWHERE. we had to talk about all of them on the way to GiGi and Pops. We decided it was America's Birthday Party. Since we pretty much have some kind of birthday party at least every other week, she got this. No further explanation needed.
We started out making celebratory cupcakes. Some have snowflakes and holly berries on them, but so what. Cupcakes are cupcakes. Then we took a litle dip in the pool.

To many cupcakes +Ice Cream+steak+ a bunch of other food equals NAPTIME!!!! After a short break, we headed over to Katy Mills to our first Katy firework celebration with the cousins. There were a ton of kids and their reaction to the fireworks was great! They said "Whoa! Whoa! WHoa! "after every single firework.At the end Emmy Said "That was really cool." She liked the pink and the purple ones the best. Figures!

Happy Birthday America!

Liking Brownie Dough must be genetic

It's not a big secret that I am a fan of anything dough, biscuits, cake batter, cookie dough, anything.. but there's a special place in my heart for brownie dough. My roomate Melissa and I used to even make it in the dorm in college and everyone would come over for a spoonful. Sometimes when I really have a craving, we'll pull out a box of the low fat kind and we MAY or May not ever actually make any brownies.

Unfortunately, it looks like Emmy got the dough gene too...

Monday, July 04, 2011

Father's Day: Swimsuit Edition

We spent this Father's Day in the water. First stop, one week early, was GiGi and Pop's pool for swimming, grilling, and several naps (yes, they were all taken by me. ) Since Dad's Father's Day was so lame last year (We actually made him move us ON father's day) we decided to hopefully make this one a little bettter. Emmy decided she was going to jump in for the first time. this super cool floaty thing means she can pretty much swim around by herself. For Vacek Father's Day, we packed everyone in the car and headed down to Moody Gardens in Galveston. This is the hottest June EVER in Houston and it is pretty miserable. We figured the kids for make it an hour but they were having TOO Much fun to slow down. Here's all the Dad's and their kiddos.

We all took in the lazy river, wave pool (the kid favorite), lots and lots and lots of water sliding. and chilling under our own private cabana. The kids would've slid for another five hours.

We left Moody Gardens to grab a bite before the guys headed off to watch the Aggie game and all four kids were dead to the world asleep before we even got to the car. We finished off our Galveston trip with a stop at Rita's Sam approved =)

I am always so grateful that Emmy has so much family to love her and be with her as she grows. We love all of our Daddies, but especially this one!