Monday, March 07, 2011

Emmy loses her tonsils and paints her toenails

After three months of not sleeping more than two hours consecutively and five rounds of antibiotics, we were all almost excited to go in for Emmy's big surgery on Friday. Her first round of tubes also fell out and she immediately got fluid in her ears, so we decided to get tubes round 2. Just to really finish it off, she also got a "Sinus powerwash." We headed to Texas Children's for the big day. They gave Emmy her own pair of Baby scrubs to wear during her procedure.

The surgery took literally less than 20 minutes. I thought they had decided not to do it when they called us back to the back. They had told us we were going to have to spend the night in the hospital after the surgery. Emmy had other ideas. They said if she could drink a whole juice box and eat a few popsicles they might let us go home. After two hours, Emmy had eaten almost FIVE orange popsicles, drank a juicebox and half a Sprite, and had led everybody in a few rounds of songs. They let us go home! Hooray!
She's doing well, but she still has her moments. She's going to stay home all week with a different family member every day. She's eating lots of popsicles.
Today (I HAD to get out of the house) I took her to get her first Mani/pedi. We went and picked out some new sparkly flipflops for the occasion. She actually sat there and let them paint her nails and her toes. I was amazed! After the lady buffed her nails, she turned around and told me "See it. It looks better." Of course she picked blue, but oh well! It matched her outfit!This will most likely be the first of many. I might have cried if she didn't like it. Pedis are too important in my life ;)