Thursday, October 04, 2012

We headed down to the beach after B's birthday bash for a little R&R (mommy needed it.) We thought that this would be B's big time back to the beach.. he hasn't actually been in to the water in a while, but instead he took really long naps that meant he never actually made it down to the beach. I guess we was a tired boy too. There were lots of bubbles in pajamas on the deck.

 The cousins came down for the day. Since Emmy's cast was pretty much destroyed after the party, we said what the hell and just let her go down to the beach. Hopefully it's coming off in three days anyway! (crossing fingers!) If there's a crab or two in three, who cares at this point.
Abby was still intently focused on personally saving all the little animals that got caught in the surf.
While the rest of the kids dug in the sand and had , just a few, cheetos.

We hung out after everyone left and decided to make a long weekend out of it. We had plans to take Emmy to the new Pleasure Pier, have a nice lunch at my favorite, Mosquito Cafe, and hang out. No one told us that the entire Island shuts down the day after Labor Day. Every single thing, except for Moody Gardens was closed. Seriously, everything. We headed out to Moody Gardens for about the 10,000th time. 

Our of everything, Beckett was most impressed with the butterflies. he REALLY REALLY wanted to eat one. You can see we saved this one at the last possible second. I mean, seriously, if I TRIED to catch one I couldn't and he managed to almost snag one and he's ONE!

After Moody Gardens we thought we ended up taking the kids to pretty much, a bar to eat. It was seriously the only the place that was open. I have now taken a baby carrier, and a sleeping baby into a bar. Guess I can check that one off the bucket list.