Sunday, April 25, 2010

We be jammin....

This weekend found us back in the Port Neches area for another Big Event.

This is my beautiful cousin Angie with her new husband Jeremy.

It was a beautiful wedding and we got to hang out with the extended fam from my dad's side.

This is my dad with all his brothers and sisters minus one.

I even got to have a few 'ritas with my grandfather.

There were so many adorable little girls at the wedding and Emmy just jumped right in and started jamming with them all. Gigi taught her how to hold hands and dance and she would just run out on the dance floor and hold out her hand until someone would grab it. Then the jammin would commence.

She even got Gigi on the dancefloor with her cousin Rayleigh and Aunt Mary.

Even though she was the smallest little girl there, I think she had arguably, the biggest JAM!

Before the wedding we had a few minutes to snag some pics in the rose garden at Terrel Park.

These are some of my favorites!