Sunday, March 07, 2010

Celebrating 3 years of the Abinator

Continuing the Month of Birthday, Abs turned three two weekends ago! Over the past few months she's really turned into a kid! She's growing up so fast!
She had a big birthday party at a bouncy place and as usual I think Daddy and Uncle Keith has a liiiiiiitle more fun that the kiddos. We had a whole room to ourselves with 20 kids (and two grown men) running and bouncing everywhere. It was KIND of crazy! Keith did a massive flip off the top of the slide that couldn't have been any kind of good for his back =) We're lucky we didn't get kicked out of the party... crazy boys! Emmy did manage to get Boppa to take her down the slide a couple (ok like 25) times! it was more like going to the gym than going to a party for Boppa. Walking up that slide with a 25 pound weight isn't so easy when you have to do it in socks with kids zooming past you.

Then we let her go by herself (yep all the way down that giant slide) and that was a BIG hit! She's a little bit of a daredevil. After an hour of running around nutso we stopped for pizza and cake and for Abs to open her gifts.
It was a great time with fam and friends and we're so glad to celebrate another year of the Abs!