Sunday, October 16, 2011

Continuing with the month o'pumpkins: Carving

Because it's a weekend and that means it's photo-op time, we headed to Betsy and Collin's for the traditional carving of the pumpkins! As tradition has it, Emmy couldn't give a rats about pumpkin carving, but Caroline actually got into it this year!
To be fair, we started pumpkin carving around 4:30 with no naps and in the middle of the Texans game so no one, including the daddies, really cared, but they all humored me. Thank you everyone, for playing nicely.

Caroline decided that she wanted a scary pumpkin and Emmy decided that she wanted a happy pumpkin. The girls actually did play creative director and picked what kind of eyes and nose and even how many and what kind of teeth the pumpkins would have. Here's Caroline making her scary face like the pumpkin. Caroline dug right into the goop and loved it. Emmy wouldn't touch it. Even when I got a spoon she gingerly put it in the pumpkin, pulled out one seed, and said "I'm gonna go swing, ok?" so much for caring! (Blake's traditional pumpkin goop picture)

The finished product turned out pretty well! (This is Emmy's happy pumpkin and happy face and Caroline's scary pumpkin and scary face) Now, we'll see what it looks like by Halloween! Juuuuust kidding.It will be lucky to make it to Tuesday =)