Saturday, April 17, 2010

This weekend

This weekend started out really fun with Brandon's birthday! It was a really fun blacklight minature golf place (yes, such a thing exists) called Shanks. Happy Birthday Brandon!

The golf was fun, but the real highlight of the night was something called Balladium. My uncle described it as "where you shoot each other with foam ball cannons" but it was so much more. Ever since he read that description, Blake was counting down the days. He was in absolute heaven as he planned reaking massive havoc on my dad and Sean. It was six minutes of intense, nerf-ball foam shooting, loud music blasting boy heaven. Blake showed no mercy as he pummeled my dad and Sean, Courtney, and even that little girl in the room. Thank goodness they were nerf balls.

Emmy played a little "skee ball" as we call in the family with Gigi. She somehow earned 25 tickets. Given that I earned about 4 tickets when I played, I'm feeling a little inadequate....

On Saturday we went to Port Neches for my good friend Lauren's shower for Andie Lynn! It was beautiful and we had such a great time. She's a beuatiful pregnant woman. They kind that kind of makes you a little mad she looks so good =) I'll let Emmy tell you JUST how much fun she had!
This weekend was so so so so so so so fun! Me and my best friend Caroline got to have so much fun together! Mommy and Aunt Betsy said we were going somewhere called Port Neches for a shower. I thought we had a bath in our house, but whatever. I love to take a bath. Mommy said we were really really really late. I don't know what that means either, but I DO know that I got to this great place called Chick-fil-a! Mommy kept climbing over the middle of Aunt Betsy's car to sit with us in the back. I think she liked it better with us. She kept saying something about "butt and stuck," but I don't know what that means either. I just kept eating french fries. They are SOOOOOO good. I wonder why Mommy never let me have then before. After we ate and Mommy went back to sit with Aunt Betsy, Carloine and I decided to sing. We sang as loud as we could. It was SO beautiful! Caroline is such a good singer. We even sang with our hands over our mouths and spit a little. I like to spit right now, it's so fun. Mommy and Aunt Betsy just smiled at us and told us how cute we are. I know. We sang for like fifteen days and then we stopped the car! It was time to take a bath!!!!
Caroline and I got out of the car and got ready to take a bath! For some reason everybody had their clothes on. Someone asked Mommy when we came in " You know this is a shower around a pool? " I heard Mommy say something that sounded like "well spit." I LOVE to spit and I love pools! This is going to be SOOOOOOOOO fun!!!!!!
Then I saw Ms. Lauren! Isn't she beautiful! Ms. Lauren is about to have a little girl like me named Andie. I have been waiting SO long for Andie to come. Mommy told me it's soon. I'm really excited for Andie to come and be a new best friend!
Guess who else was there. KATE! I haven't seen Kate since my birthday and guess, what, she is TOO funny. She gets "Surprised" a lot. It's really funny. I told Kate that we were all going to take a Bath in the pool and spit and she got really excited too! SO we all got some food and went outside. I sat patiently and ate food with Mommy in her lap. I ate some cupcakes and cookies and a little more cupcake. But guess what, nobody ever took a bath! I kept waiting and waiting and waiting and we all just sat there. I decided I needed to get down from Mommy's lap and check out this pool. Everytime I would get close three or four mommies would jump up and say "ahhhhhh!". It was HILARIOUS! I kept doing it over and over and over again. Then I decided to go check out some rocks. I put a big handful in my mouth. They were pretty good. Then guess what I found, a bunch of toys for dogs! I licked those too. They were pretty good too. Not as good as the rocks, but pretty good.
For some reason Mommy and Aunt Betsy looked really tired, so I think they wanted to go inside and take a nap. That's ok because when we went inside, we found even MORE stuff to play with.
Caroline and I were feeling really happy after eating the cupcakes and guess what, we started playing tag. I LOVE tag. It's so fun to chase Caroline around and around and around and around the coffee table and the kitchen. All these mommies were in my way. Isn't that rude of the mommies to get in our way! We just ran around them and screamed and screamed and screamed. It was SO fun!

Mommy and Aunt Betsy started talking about something called "margaritas." They were looking really tired so I think that Margaritas must be what they call thier nap. We must've played tag for three or four days when all the mommies came inside. I guess they had finished taking a bath. I never got to though. Mommy and Aunt Betsy said that it was time to go. I was having SUCH a good time. We wanted to stay and eat more cupcakes and play tag and dig in the trash and throw the remotes. Even though I didn't get to take a bath I had so much fun!
We said bye to Kate and Ms. Lauren and got back in the car. Caroline and I decided it was time to sing some more songs. I spit a lot too. We sang so loud and beautiful. Mommy and Betsy didn't tell us we were beautiful again. They just kept talking about these margaritas. They must be pretty good, but I was just worried about my singing and laughing at Carloine. She is so funny!
Then we stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner and I ate an entire bowl of mac and cheese. Mommy and Aunt Betsy didn't say one word during dinner, I think they missed thier nap today and they said Cracker Barrel didn't have margaritas. After dinner they gave me my blankie and aisey but I was just too excited thinking about my fun day to go to sleep. Caroline and I sang some more and clapped and laughed ALL the way home! I heard Aunt Betsy and Mommy say that Caroline and I weren't invited to any more showers. That's ok, I had SO much fun today, but I like my bathtub at home just fine!
I can't wait to meet Andie Lynn. She can play tag with me and Carloine, and we'll teach her how to sing like us. She's going to be such a good friend!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bluebonnets take 2

It's that time of year again! This was last year. Emmy couldn't even sit up and Caro was having NONE of it. We brought props and chairs and NO suncreen... and it took about three hours to take two good pictures.

Look how much they're grown!!!

We took a caravan up to Brenham this year. All the cousins and best friend came out to take the pics. We weren't aware that this time of year is NUTS on 290. People just basically stop their cars in the middle of the highway and jump out to take pictures everywhere. By the better fields they were sometimes parking a LONG way away and just letting their kids run down the highway. People.. THIS IS A MAJOR HIGHWAY.... it was really unbelieve that bluebonnets were completely stopping traffic in many places!

You know that there was no WAY on earth we were going to get all three of them to smile at the same time. Jackson was just really overall unimpressed with the bluebonnets and pretty much the entire experience.
Yes, Emmy had three outfit changes. It's necessary to match everyone, ok. These are memories people. They must be color-coordinated. We also all came home with streaky green butts... i wonder why.....
I think it's offical Spring (and almost summer) is here!