Friday, October 09, 2009


Two kids in the tub....after Mexican on a Friday night.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Our New Little Man of God

Today we were honored to witness Jackson's baptism. Jackson is such a chill little guy that he just hung out happily though the whole ceremony, took a nap, and then chilled through dinner. He and Abby are night and day. Blake says he's going to take it from Abby for about 5 years and then one day just smack the crap out of her. (He's evidently saying this from experience. He says the trouble he got in was worth it ;)) We were doing picture duty for other people, so we don't have any of the actual ceremony on our camera. But here' s the man of honor.

The whole fam was there and we celebrated with dinner afterward where the cousins got to play and hang out! I thought this one was especially sweet of the girls. Abby loves HER cousin.
That was right before this picture. We're got some fun times coming!