Sunday, April 24, 2011

House Bunny: Easter Part 2

Emmy has been VERY excited about the Easter Bunny, so she loved her Easter Basket he brought her!
Well let me rephrase that. She was VERY excited about the jelly beans, and that's about it. I don't want to think about how much candy she ate in the past two days.

After our late night return for the Beach we vowed to get up and get to the 8:30 service at church and we TOTALLY did it! Awesome that the service started at 8. grrr. We sat through the sermon and one hymn and it was over. I personally need to sing "Christ the Lord has Risen Today" at chruch to make it "ofically" Easter, so we decided to wait for the next service at 9:30. Megan, Keith, and the kids came to that service as well, so we had time to grab a few pics before it started.

After church we headed over to Megan's for more eating and the big Egg Hunt. The Easter Bunny himself comes to hide the eggs at the vacek Egg Hunt. Susan made a big deal about how the Easter Bunny was almost there and the kids went upstairs to wait. When Susan told them that the Easter Bunny had come Emmy ran down the stairs and then just looked really confused. Abby made a tear at the eggs, but Emmy just stood there. Finally we realized she could care less about the eggs, she wanted the Bunny. "where da bunny go?"She finally got into it and the kids busted a few confetti eggs

and found all the eggs, AND all the candy inside.

It was a long fun Easter and we're glad we got to spend so much of it with fam!

Beach Bunny: Easter Part 1

We had one long Easter party! This year we started at Gigi's Beach. Mom's entire family came down for the day to celebrate about half of the family's birthday and have an easter party. We hung out at the beach and ate.. we're good at that.
Emmy's new thing is jumping off things. We have to count to three and she jumps. And then we repeat 57 times.

She also has her first "zuchinni" as we call it. toooooo hollywood.
We had a ton of leftover shrimp and french fries left over from lunch so we decided to take them to the birds. Usually there's one or two. The entire flock showed up! They were almost swooping low enough to take fries out of Emmy's hand. She was having so much fun her mouth was WIDE open the entire time. Life lesson #1: When feeding seagulls, keep your MOUTH SHUT! Thank goodness we didn't have to go for the mouthwash.

We squeezed a lot of Easter fun into a teensy amount of time. There were Easter baskets.. lots of them. LOT of candy (chocolate mouth in most pictures.)
An Easter Egg hunt.
And we even managed to squeeze in some Easter Egg Dying. Emmy was about to fall asleep in the eggs, but she managed to dye them, decorate them, and even randomly smash one with her head before she dozed off .

It was great to see the fam and relax a little. We headed back home for church, the big visit from the Bunny, and Vacek family Easter.