Friday, December 18, 2009

Blake Vacek, MBA

It's offical, Blake is now a Master of Business Administration. Not only did my super smart Hubby graduate, he graduated with the Dean's Award for Excellence. This means that I married one smart cookie. He stuck it through for three long years and not only graudated, but graduated with high honors. We're so proud of him!
Since they don't make graduation hats in extra ginormous, he had to get a liiiitle-bitty hat. Ok it was normal sized, but it DID fit Emmy already.

Speaking of Emmy, she had a GREAT time. She danced to the band, clapped for every single person and flirted with just about everyone around us. We also read about 25 books during the ceremony and ate a couple of granola bars. But hey, we made it through with a little help from GiGi and Pops.
After the ceremony we went to Yia Yia Mary's for a little grub. The only thing Blake requested for his graduation was a Red Relvet Cake from a bakery called Rao's by our house. When they opened the box to show me the cake I literally started laughing out loud. They really went above and beyond in the decoration. I'm thinking someone probably strained a wrist from working so hard on it. You know you want one.
So Blake's career as a Coog is over. He's fondly miss the weekly emails about the latest assualt on campus, driving over an hour to class a couple times a week, and you know he's going to miss reading all about Behavioral management. He just LOVED management. He swears he is done with graduations and school. This officially makes me the only person in my immediate family without some type of graduate degree. Mom, Dad, and Blake have one and Laura and Sean will have one soon. I'm looking like a slacker!!!!!!! Hey, if you can get a cake that sweet, I guess it's all worth it.
We're so PROUD of you!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bon Bons and Birthdays

It's a new(er) family tradition in the Sansom family to all get together and make a ridiculous amount of bon bons for Christmas gifts. I think we figured out that this was out fifth year, and since we're involved it of course has gotten exponentially more out of control with every passing year. This year we added cookies and cream, butter pecan, strawberry preserves, lemon, and cinnamon struesel to the traditional german chocolate, italian cream, and others. We each are assigned a station for the day. There are dippers, rollers, choppers, logistics, and decorators. This year we had to come up with a new position, Emmy Wrangler. This was one thing I don't think anyone wanted her "help" on. Mom did make her a really cute Emmy sized apron!Our grand total this year was around 1050. More than last year but nowhere near our record breaking close to 1400 a couple years ago.
In the middle of bon bon day we took a quick break to run over to Seth and Aiden's first and 3rd birthday party. This was the first time we've gotten to celebrate with these two (to be fair this is the first opportunity with Seth ;) ) because they've just moved to Houston. Seth is not too keen on anything besides baby food right now, so he just kind of poked at his cake. We finally got to meet my old friend and former college roomie Melissa's new baby Josh. He's a cutie! It was so good to catch up and celebrate another first year! So after that much cake and eating all day, Blake and I of course decided to go to eat again. We took his parents for a celebration dinner at Marks! Yes, we did it up fancy. No, we're not celebrating bon bons. Blake is graduating with his MBA next week! Hooray! The desert was so pretty that yes, I DID pull out my i-phone in the middle of Mark's and take a picture.Not taking a picture were the people next to us. We noticed that they ordered some kind of special appetizer that we were sure wasn't on the menu. We asked the waiter what it was. He said it was some kind of noodles with truffles. AND he said that the truffels cost 14 Bucks a GRAM.... they each had 8 grams!!! That, folks, is almost a 120 dollar appetizer. Just another Saturday night dinner I guess! Wow....
But even if we can't afford fancy truffle appetizers we are so thankful to have family, friends, and even bon bons to be thankful for. We are blessed =) ....those truffles WOULD be good though! ;)