Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Still hungry...

Little Sutter-butter (really need a better nickname) is almost four weeks old. I don't know how time has gone so fast and at the same time feel every single one of those 28 days. I've spent the majority of the time feeding her. She is a bottomless pit, which is made worse by the fact that she sleeps through feedings and then wants to eat immediately after. Even with all that eating, she's still got very few rolls. This is about as close as we get.. chunky cheeks and some thigh rolls. She's a teeny tiny thing,

She's looking less like Emmy and more like Blake to me. She's also constantly got her mouth open, especially while she's sleeping. She makes "blakeface" constantly, sticking her tounge out between her lips.
At night she makes these crazy loud grunting noises.  I remember Beckett made these, but not like this. She will wake you UP from a dead sleep. She makes them when she's trying to get her arm out of the swaddle. Once that happens, she's good. (Until she's STARVING again then the girl can SCREAM.)  She's started to have some kick kick time, and even started making a few cooing and gurlging noises. I've noticed that she will hold attention on you for a few seconds now. Ready to get to the fun baby noises phase =) This is a mix of grunting and cooing, but doesn't really show ju
 how loud she gets.
She's alternating between days where she sleeps for five and six hours at a time and I have to wake her up and days like today where she was awake from 7 am to 8 pm with NO NAPS!!! even thought she looked like this most of the time. UGH! She also HATES to be put down. She'll sleep during the day as long as you're holding her. There's not a lot getting done around here.
I love her crazy toes. They are seriously long. And also her little folded ears. I swear it looks like a little bird inside her ear, but Blake says I'm crazy.


 The swing is our friend. If she's fussy, it magically calms her down, unless of course, B arrives to shoot her off into the stratosphere with his crazy pushing. Seat belts are mandatory.

The swing has some magically power over Emmy and B and they can't keep thier hands off. They also can't seem to keep thier hands off of poor Sutton. All her baby hair is going to be rubbed of with kisses and touches. Emmy loves the smell of her hair and tells me all the time that we got the "cutest baby in the whole wide world", and B says "awwww Sweetheart!."  I'm so glad they love her, and hope it will last!