Thursday, March 01, 2012

Cupcakes: A big 1/2 Birthday!

For an extra special treat, this month Beckett's 1/2 birthday fell on Pops 59th Bday, and we all got to celebrate together! I started back to work so that whole make the cupcakes thing didn't so much work this time. At six months Beckett is:

- Vital Stats: 18.9 lbs (72%) 27 inches (74%) 46 cm head (96%)
- Jumping and jumping and jumping and jumping. Jumping is especially hilarious if someone else does it with him.

-Has finally decided that food is ok, but only if it's the expensive, fancy organic squeezy kind. He's got a refined baby pallete evidently. Spinach, blueberry, banna puree is ok, pears.. no.

-His toes taste pretty good too!

-Just about ready to crawl! He is rocking back and forth on his hands and knees

- Participated in his first "GoTexan Day". We do call him our "Beck-a-roo"
-Started school. Here he is in his big boy Shark Jammies on the first day. They call him the "big man on campus" because he's a little ahead of his baby friends and rolls all over the place. He evidently already has a girlfriend too that he flirts with over meals.
-So big that he can sit in a high chair!
-But is pretty determined to climb out of just about everything else. We found him dead asleep like this in the swing. - Is working on his third ear infection already , this time a double one. We are about tired of ear infections, antibiotics, probiotics, diaper rash, diarhea, and everything about the doctor's office. Like his sissy, he never runs a fever and acts happy anyway. You can just tell he doesn't feel good by looking at his eyes.
-He likes to read books but really could care less if you sing for him. He loves to rough house and throwing and rolling him around is the most fun. Except for jumping!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Pops!

We snuck down for a quick trip to the beach to celebrate 59 years of Pops. It has been almost 80 degrees in Houston for the past week so we assumed that it would be a great weekend for golf. Well... the boys took off for a tee time in the morning and it was of course, around 45 degrees. Over the course of their game, it rained, fogged, and even sleeted on them! We girls, and Beckett, went for the slightly warmer option and hung out at the house. Emmy managed to sneak in a Mani/pedi.(And then promptly chewed off most of the polish on her finger nails.)

When the boys got home, we took a quick trip to Moody Gardens to see the penguins. They turned out to be on vacation.

We headed over to Bennos for some barbequed crabs and they were of course, out. (There's a theme somewhere here.) Luckily, they did have crawfish.So the boys dug in. As you can see what we really needed was more food.
After getting pretty stuffed
we went home to eat pie and cupcakes, DUH!

Happy Birthday Captain Popsie! We love you.