Friday, May 14, 2010

17 Months: No Cupcakes

At 17 months Emmy is doing a lot of the things she did at 15 month, just better. She:

* Has 8 teeth! Two top molars, four on the bottom and two on the top. FINALLY more teeth!
* Weighs about 28 pounds and has grown a couple of inches. She's getting taller and leaner but is still a little chunky monkey.
* Her animals are still her favorite toy but she's liking to color and draw more. She also like to stack her blocks.
* Will imitate anything you say! Her favorite game is to go through all the words she can say. We have a few new animal sounds as well! This is the turkey and rooster.

* Has started learning her colors. So far we know yellow, purple, pink, and blue, but everything is usually "buuuu"
* Gives REAL kisses with some suction and a smack.
* Says "I Love you" "Tank too" and "Peas"
* Is still getting ear infections one after another (I'm over it)
* Has pretty much got hopping down. She's actually leaving the ground
* Knows most of her body parts (belly, toes, fingers, eyes, mouth, head, ear, etc.)
* Still singing and dancing. She's getting pretty good at Old McDonald!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tea and Snowcones, Moms and Grads

What a wonderful weekend full of family and fun! We celebrated a graduation, celebrated, well ME!, and got the first snow-cone of the season! Summer is here!

Friday afternoon Emmy has a Mother's Day Tea at her school. Being new to the whole "School" thing I called and asked how people dress since it was officially a "tea." The lady on the phone assured me that yes, everyone gets dressed up, all the mommies wear dresses and the little girls all do to. So Emmy and I got all dressy and got ready for Emmy's first tea party!

Well, when we were walking in, I saw the mommy in the gym clothes chatting with the mommy in the capris, and the other in her pajama pants I knew that someone had seriously lied to me. I told Emmy that being overdressed is ALWAYS better than being underdressed but it doens't make you feel any less stupid ... anyway... Emmy's teacher had the room all cute with teapots and cute decorations. Emmy enjoyed some cookies with all her friends.
So while Emmy was chowing I looked around at all the cute decorations. My eyes caught the pictures of all the pretty mommies with their babies and then I noticed something. See if you can find me in the picture below.... That's right... I'm the camel. Turns out Emmy's teacher is a little saucy! If you don't bring you pictures when they request them she turns you into a CAMEL!!!!!!!! Blake and i are going to have to get better at this whole fielding requests from school in a prompt manner thing... snarky teacher! I better do the next thing or there may be donkeys in my future...

On Saturday we headed down to Port Neches (for those of you keeping track that's three times in four weeks!) to celebrate Leslie's graduation from high school! WE are so proud of her achieveing this important milestone. She's headed to UTSA in the fall and we know she'll accomplish great things. Dejo and Ken hosted us at Elena's for yummy fajitas and good times with the fam.Emmy really really REALLY liked the cake.

Today we headed over to Shade in The Heights for a Mother's Day brunch. I was lucky to get to celebrate with all my mommies as my parents and Sean joined the Vaceks for the celebration.

There's only one thing redeeming about a Southeast Texas summer, and that is SNOWCONES!!! For the past few weeks I have been desparately searching for a snowcone to kickoff my summer. Blake gave me one last gift and finally found an open snow cone stand! I'm a little bit of a snow-cone snob, so not just any will do. Mams in the Heights did not dissapoint. Summer can now start!

I think it's safe to say that Emmy has now found a new favorite thing. She even said please and tank too if it got her more bites =)

I always knew I wanted to be a mommy, but I don't think I had ANY clue what I was asking for. This job challenges in ways that no one could ever prepare you for, but it is SO SO SO SO worth it. That beautiful baby girl is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She has taught me the meaning of family, of love, and of pateince. I am so blessed.
Thank you to all these beautiful mommies in my life. You are so very apprecaited and very loved!
Happy Mother's Day!