Sunday, July 05, 2015

My Funny Valentines

We are having a Pinterest Valentine's day for school this year. The kids actually did some Pinteresting and picked what they wanted.  B went with the "wheelie" like you care... which is even cuter because that's actually how he says it! 

He drew the B's on the hearts himself. There are about three good ones and then he just sharpied all over his shirt. 

Emmy decided she wanted to make a word search of all her friends in her class. She actually made the word search herself... and chewed out my computer the whole time.. "what is it doing...WHAT IS IT DOING!!!" I think they turned out really cute!

B even made his own Truck Valentine's box, like legitimately made all the pieces. He was pretty proud, and it looked REALLY good!
 and you know I did a last minute, crap there's a party tomorrow target run and it turned out pretty cute I think!

Everyone sported their custom
GiGi creations. What we learned in this process is that stair pictures are not necessarily a great idea.

When everyone got home from school, we did our traditional scavenger hunt. They had a great time running from clue to clue. It's different now that Emmy can read the clues! It's starting to go so fast we have to plant some "empty clues" in there to keep them moving or it's over in 2 minutes!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

6 month pics

Pretty girl in a pink tutu. Even with an ear and sinus infection, she is the cutest =) 

Cupcakes: 6 months

Sneaky 6 months!

At 6 months Sutton is:
  • Just about mastered sitting up by herself. there's just a little wobble when someone who shall remain nameless(BECKETT) pushes her over.
  • Still spits and spits and spits

  • No teeth yet, but the drool is everywhere.
  • Has happy feet! She loves to watch the big kids dance, and her feet do some dancing too. 


  •  Loves to chew and gnaw on anything she can get her hands on, especially her toes. 
  • Wants to stand up.
  • Squealing is very very fun..
  • Is wearing size 6-9 months. Chunky monkey!
  • Is 17.1 pounds
  • Is finally liking food a little better. She will eat most of what's offered. Her favorite is bananas and she LOVES mum mums. She will plow through package after package. 

  • Finally sleeping a little better after we got an ear infection cleared up. She usually goes to bed around 11 and will wake up at 5-6. This was a slumber party in the den I just happened upon.

 Started using the jumperoo, and she LOVES it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Audrey is here!

And just that that, somehow it was already time for Audrey to be born! That went really fast. 

This crazy girl was really living it up in the waiting room.
And here she is! Sweet precious girl. She was big and alert, already opening her eyes in her first few hours.

and here she is all dressed up to head home! 

 It's amazing that now with Audrey here, there probably won't be any more babies. Just like that, it's done! A phase of life is ending. (note: i personally do not need any more, but I always welcome other people to have them!) We'll be cleaning out little baby girl and boy clothes and getting rid of the exersaucer and swing. I'm happy that they have lots of cousins to play with on both sides and that they are close in age. It should be a wild ride!

Ringing in 2015

We decided this year to not try to fight the lame, to embrace it. We might as well welcome 2015 in all of our lameness and own it, so we went bowling. And my wonderful, fabulous baby fell asleep in the middle of a loud bowling alley and let me put these glasses on her. 

This guy did too!

 We decided this might actually be a tradition. In my head I envision the kids and thier boyfriends and girlfriends in high school all wanting to come bowling on New Years with us because it's our super fun family tradition. I'm sure that's EXACTLY how it's going to happen =) After bowling we went home and did what we always do.. made the excellent decision to give toddlers sparklers!

2014 was a year of great change and great challenge. We had many new starts, gained a sutter butter, lost a toe, and went through some trying times at work. It was a year to learn our own strength and a year to trust in God and the bigger plan. I know 2015 won't be easy, but I can't help to hope it's a little smoother than the last. I do know that we are incredibly blessed. What more could you ask for?

No training wheels!

During the brief holiday break we finally got a few minutes and enough warm weather to do something we've need to do for a while, teach Emmy to ride with no training wheels! 

It look Blake a few runs up and down the street but she finally got it. 

The curves are still a little tricky, and she pretty much ate it right after I turned off that video, which she was REALLY embarrassed about, but not a bad start at all!

Christmas Fun

Christmas with three kids is incrementally crazier, as expected. This is one cute little Christmas gift through! 

We hosted Sansom Christmas again this year at our house since the Christmas play was again on Christmas Eve. Emmy and Beckett seriously ADORE learning the choir musical music and dance moves. There are many hours spent practicing in the kitchen around the island or I would just say we weren't doing it anymore. This year she and Jackson were angels. At least they looked pretty adorable. 

The play ran a little long, as usual, but our special guests really did well. Clara Beara loved seeing all the kids sing.

After the play we headed home to open gifts and eat our traditional Christmas lasagna from Christopher's and open gifts. I'm a little biased, but they are pretty cute.

We put on our jammies and opened presents. Sutton snoozed a little and hung with Gigi a little.
B decided he would use his Christmas spidey senses. Spidey came out of nowhere and now everything is spidey all the time.
I love these jammie pics under the tree. They are going to grow so quickly and amazingly next year we'll have 5 kiddos under there!

After the celebration was over we lined up the milk and cookies for Santa.
Santa did a LOT of wrapping this year. Amazingly, he even nabbed an emergency Elsa's ice palace for Emmy. Side story : she decided this year that she would ONLY tell Namey (our elf on the shelf) what she wanted for Christmas. She wouldn't tell me no matter how hard i tried. Mom FINALLY got it out of her the day before Christmas eve. Turned out that it was "a thing where you could talk to the people on TV and they could hear you and talk back." well crap. good thing Mom found out that number 2 was an Elsa's ice palace, only the hottest toy of the season. Lucky for us, Santa was looking out for us! This is the letter he wrote to explain to Emmy why she didn't get that one special thing this year.
The kids were happy with santa's loot. Emmy also got an ipod. That was a big hit of course.
After we opened presents, we headed over to Megan's for Vacek Christmas. More jammie pic cuteness happened.
and B couldn't wait to hang with Jackson. He gets so excited when he gets boy time. He turns into a completely different kid.
And Sutton and Emmy finally got as close as I could get to matching with their cute puffy Christmas skirts.

After all the fun, Emmy came home and lost ANOTHER tooth!  Hope they don't continue falling out at this rate or we'll have none by Valentines!
As i say every year, we are so blessed. We have an abundance of family to spend this holiday with. Three beautiful kids to spoil, and many great reasons to celebrate.