Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Icee and Milk Party!

Emmy is just starting to "pretend." She'll "talk on the phone" and has started taking bites of the pretend food that she makes. She'll also move her play animals around like they're flying in the air or running across the room.
Today we had her first official tea party with Violet, her dog, and the new monkey that Boppa and Lannie gave her for Valentine's. Emmy served mile and icees with Tomato Paste. YUMMMM-Y! She gave everybody drinks of her drink and gave them "bite bites" of the tomato paste. Now this of course lasted about five mintues but I'm counting it.
Here's a picture of the festivities!
Now right after this picture, Emmy threw grapes all over the floor, carried the chairs across the room, and was jumping up and down in one of them. We need to have a little talk about party manners =)