Saturday, June 30, 2012

A low key father's day

It was a pretty low key, but fun father's day. Pops was in Arkansas at Laura's first baby shower for Clara, so we just had a Vacek celebration. 

We decided that this year we would do something fun for Boppa. This was my inspiration...

Sometimes I neglect to remember that all of the kids are under 5. Here's what we ended up with. It took pretty much an entire box of cookies but I KIND of love it!

Here's a few of the (500) outtakes...
Everyone came over to our house for some yummy Pappasitos fajitas and then the kids got to each decorate a giant cookie for a dad. There was a LOT of sprinkles involved. And when I say a LOT I really mean a LOT.

Believe it or not, we actually ate these after.

And then for the entertainment portion of the evening we were treated to a very fancy show of VBS tunes complete with actions by these guys:

Happy Father's Day!