Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rolling right along... Emmy Bear is 10 months old

It's the next to last cupcake picture... we can't believe how fast time has flown!

By the way.. we've eaten a LOT of cupcakes over the past year, and we have to say as far as cheap grocery store cupcakes go.. these were out first Randalls ones and they are by FAR the best... Randalls, please send us free cupcakes now =)

GiGi Gets "Senior"

To finish off a big weekend we celebrated the big 55 for GIGI!!!! That's right, it's Senior Citizen GiGi to you now!
No, we didn't go to Luby's, but in honor of the Seniors among us, we went to eat dinner at 4:30. No carrot and raisin salad was ordered. Emmy got to hang out with her cousins Courtney and Brandon. And even though GiGi got many non "Senior" related gifts, I do have to say that my favorite was the IHOP gift card! You can't beat the senior special! Now if my parents make this 4:30 dinner habit, we're going to have to start worrying... Happy Birthday GiGi!

Sweet and Sassy

This weekend I got to be a fairy godmother to two special birthday girls. I took and Hannah and Ellie to the Sweet and Sassy in the Woodlands. We started the day getting new matching outfits, then we headed over for some spa action. The girls each got a mani/pedi and then got their hair done in a "princess" stlye with a flower. Sweet and Sassy is a genius idea. The place was hoping with little girls and glitter EVERYWHERE. They even had little tiny pedicure chairs... so cute!I would say that the hit of the day was the rings. Toe and regular.
The girls had never had their nails painted, so it was a new experience. Hannah held her hands like this for the rest of the afternoon. We went to eat lunch after and she held the fork "just so", so she she wouldn't mess them up. It was adorable.
Then of course, if I'm involved, there was a photo shoot! The girls got super sassy. Ellie especially was hilarious, blowing raspberries at the photographer. It's so funny how a photograph can capture a personality. I would have to say that this IS Ellie =)

These girls and their momma are so special to me, and I had such a good time just watching them be thier little selves. It was such a fun day!

10 Month Photo Shoot

I think that the days of the easy photo shoot where Emmy smiles and laughs and we get 800 cute pictures is over. Today she walked off every time we put her in place, threw a pumpkin at the photographer, showed her butt, and stuck her tounge out. Our favorite ones are at the end where it looks like she's doing the robot =)
This super cute outfit was a hand-me-down from Abby and I was so excited about it. Unfortunately, it makes Emmy look like a poor dejected Orphan boy from a Charles Dickens novel. You should see it in sepia. She looks like she's straight out of Oliver Twist. Spiking the pumpkin. Uncle Sean is already preparing for soccer lessons. She really did not like this photographer


lean back, lean back....