Monday, June 11, 2012

We have a walker!

Beckett has pretty much been singularly focused since he was born, STANDING UP. Over the past few days he's been doing more standing by himself without holding on. He would dance a little, stand a little, wave a little, then fall down. Well today he must've just decided, "and now I will walk." He went from just standing there to literally taking 15-20 steps at a time!!! The key seems to be having something in his hand. We have a million toys and of course, he's latched on to this random brush that's been sitting in a drawer for four years. If it makes him walk we'll take it. Now on to baby proofing! At the rate he's going he'll be up the stairs in a week!

Boop Boop and Babyface! Recital is here!

Evidently I have the only little girl who does not like, rather HATES putting on makeup. It took FOUR TRIES to get makeup on her. We would get all the way to mascara and then she would start crying. And forget lipstick. It was a rough start....

But we finished GREAT! After our soccer performance last weekend, I was a little worried that we were going to get a big performance of her standing on the stage with her hand in her mouth. I was SO happy when at dress rehersal she knew her dance much better than I've ever seen her do in class. We've been practicing and I think it paid off!
Backstage at Rehearsal
 We started with her tap dance "Babyface" I was most worried about this one but she did great!

But the one that really brought the house down was her ballet to the three little fishies song "boop boop didum dadum wadum Choo". First off, how adorable are they in the teal tutus. 

The dance has them shaking their little hips when the song says the "boop boops". At rehearsal Ms. Kathy told them to make certain they step out and really shake their hips when they do that. I guess Emmy really took that to heart. I have never seen moves like this! She. Was. SHAKING. it! All serious hip action.

 After her grand performance we took some time to celebrate. GiGi made the girls these fabulous matching bears! Emmy hasn't put hers down yet. The turquoise bear has eaten every meal with us.

Two beautiful ballerinas
The fabulous Mrs. Kathy
 The funniest thing was just how excited she got about people giving her flowers. You would've thought they were M&Ms, maybe even better! She was already giddy with two beautiful bouquets when Blake gave her these. After that forget it! We asked Sean to hold them which she changed and she came over and whispered to me "mommy those are MINE." She wouldn't put them down. We even had to bring them to dinner later! Who knew.

After the late late night we didn't so much take a bath, more kind of washed her face. The result for the next day was this Cyndi Lauper look. Smudged eyeliner, neon, and 80s hair. This is her "don't want to be bossed "look from her fishies dance. We now do this look several times a day. 

 I can't believe that her first year of baby ballet is over!!! She's going to be a "big ballerini" next year as she says. Kind of got emotional there while she was on stage. No matter what she says, I think we'll be dancing next year ;)

Best Princesses

We don't get to see Betsy and Collin as much as we used to and it makes me so sad, but what does make me happy if that these little girls still pick up just like they haven't missed a day. Kind of like two other not so little girls I know.

The end of soccer (thank goodness!)

Last weekend brought the LAST soccer game for The Outlaws, and we all said Thank you Jesus. It's been fun to watch her grow into a little player, but it's tough to get up and out the door every Saturday. (Wah,wah I know) She did so well last week that I was hoping we could finish strong. Some lovely person had the idea to do a DOUBLE HEADER for the last game AND it was seriously about 90 degrees by 10 o'clock. Let's just say that maybe we peaked too early. She was on the field all of both games. I will give her that. The problem was that Kepler was on a role and seriously scored about 15 goals a game. That didn't leave a lot of ball time for anyone else, but honestly she wasn't that interested =)

I also found out that the other teams were mixed 3-5 year olds. That explains a LOT. I kept wondering why the other teams had kids that were a foot taller than Emmy, who is a foot taller than the rest of her team. Our team was all young threes. After our brutal double header, we headed over to the "Trophy ceremony." They need a little work on their ceremonies. Here's Coach Brad giving Emmy her trophy.She was also awarded the Most Improved Player!
And I really love this picture because it pretty much sums up her attitude about all of it. 

We finished up the season with one almost win =) But amazingly I asked Emmy this weekend if she wanted to dance again next year and she told me , no... I want to play soccer on the field. Huh?