Wednesday, April 11, 2012


For the second year in a row we celebrate Easter with my family down at the beach. The weather was just about perfect and Emmy has decided that she loves the water this year. Not only did she let her feet touch the sand, she actually wanted to go all the way in and jump the waves!

Becks got to try all kinds of new foods. the best were Cheese Poofs and Peach Cobbler. Numnumnum.....

hMom and Dad brought the kids some adorable white outfits from thier vacation in Aruba. We tried to take Bluebonnet pics in them, but Emmy wouldn't cooperate. The beach really was the perfect place though. Blake got a new lens for his bday (yes he's STILL having birthday parties) so he practiced using it on them. I have to say that he's getting REALLY good!

Even with all that playing, we managed to squeeze in a little bit of egg dying.

After relaxing for several days we headed back to the house to attend Easter service at St. Peters and have Easter with the Vaceks. Emmy decided she would be a royal pain (Princess Emmy indeed) the entire day from start to finish, so let's just say the nerves were a tad frazzled by the end of the day. The Easter Bunny started the day off. Emmy was kind of Eh about the entire thing. I think she really would've been happy with one bag of M&Ms. Should remember that for next year.

After church we tried to snag a few pics.. yeah right is all I have to say about that. This was the best pic we got of the two of them. And this was the best family shot. Beckett looks like he's asking Blake "Who the hell are you?"
We headed over to Megan's for Vacek family celebration. Aunt SuSu brought a giant Easter Egg pinata. Five kids under five and a big giant stick they're supposed to swing around sounds like a recipe for disaster but no one ended up at the hospital.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting ready for the Bunny

Easter seemed to sneak up on me this year (but I tend to say that about everything lately. Emmy started off the Easter celebrations with an egg hunt with her dance friends. Aren't they cuties.

We kept partying with a party at church. There was the traditional face painting and petting zoo, except they had all these adorable baby goats. Poor things kept getting picked up by kid after kid. Three year olds are just about the same size as baby goats, but that didn't stop Emmy. Once she got the courage to pick up one that's just about all she wanted to do. I could post about 8 pictures here of her trying to pick up or holding goats, all with a different one! (I'll spare you!)
Of course, since they were coordinated and SO cute! (I didn't event buy anything, it just happened!) I tried to take a pic. I didn't get one, but I did get this AWESOME peepaw face!

Then they had about 5000 eggs in a giant field for the egg "hunt". I guess you don't really hunt eggs anymore you just go get stuff. Kind of sad. It was like a swarm of locust descended on this field. When they blew the whistle the kids were off and there was nothing left in their path.
Since Becks couldn't hunt just yet, he was happy to hang back and just chew on some dirty eggs. YUM!

Since it was seriously almost 90 degrees we all decided after that we were DONE. It's not supposed to be this hot at Easter!

We snuck in a very last minute trip to see the bunny. I was THIS close to skipping it this year, but it's B's first so I figured we HAD to. He could care less and even gave a few grins. Emmy, on the other hand, wanted NOTHING to do with it. Everytime I think she's over it, she reverts. this was a particularly creepy bunny though. I had to literally drag her kicking and screaming to the bench and then she sat there stiff as a board to take one pic then she was outta there!

Cupcakes: 7 months

Another month has flown by and here's my little man at 7 months. Pretty sure that easy cupcake pics are over. This month he not only grabbed at them, he got them and threw a couple on the floor. Funny thing is he really wasn't interested in eating any, even when Emmy ever so sweetly jammed an icing filled finger in his mouth. He just wanted to SMEAR it everywhere!

At 7 months Beckett is:

*Not growing at the amazing rate he was before. He's still about 20 pounds, but BOY is he eating. He went from not wanting food at all to wanting food all the time. When he sits in his high chair he rocks back and forth beating his head against the back and growling. He's eating 6 oz bottles every 3-4 hours and food 3 times a day. Let's not forget the puffs. Those are his favorite. He also seems to really like bananas and isn't too crazy about pumpkin, but let's be honest, who is that crazy about eating pureed pumpkin.

*Sitting up like a champ and still rocking and rocking and rocking. He's not too interested in crawling but if there's something he REALLY wants he will one arm army crawl to get it. Most of the time he'll just roll or look cute until you get it for him.

*took his first official trip sans car seat to the grocery store! (in a pink grocery cart cover poor baby)

* Not talking. He will growl at you and say "b", but that's about it

*Jumping and jumping and jumping and jumping and jumping, he's also beginning to be obsessed about pulling up. I'm thinking he might just pretty much skip crawling like Emmy.

*is the grabiest thing I have ever seen. There can't be ANYTHING by him or he's grabbing it. Including my nose. This is how he likes to rock to sleep.

*getting his pinchers. He can grasp things pretty well now, pass things back and forth from hand to hand and likes to bang toys on each other.

* Still a happy little guy. He's easy to laugh and smile.

Here's a few other pictures from the month