Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy 4th!

My two little firecrackers:

We spent the day packing for Mexico and fighting B's fever. We did manage to squeeze in a little bit of pool time. Emmy practiced jumping in the pool and Pops kept telling her to shut her mouth when she jumped in, but if she did that, then she couldn't concentrate enough to jump. It's amazing to me! The Blake face is key to concentration =) Given the fever and one worn out little girl we didn't even do a sparkler. Can't say I'm TOO sad about that, and there's always next year!

Cupcakes: 10 months

My Beckaroo is just moving right along though the cupcakes:

 At 10 months Beckett:
*Has gone from crawling to "franken-walking" to pretty much running

*Like to dig in cabinets until he finds a "treasure" then runs off as fast as he can and carries the "Treasure" around until he finds the next one
* Decided he needed to climb the stairs as well
* LOOOOOOOVES a raspberry (and pretty much any other fruit)
* Says "a-DUH!" and dada and squeals
*When he really wants something he bucks his entire body back and forth and makes his "huh huh" noise.
* Still pretty much only interested in eating things (Especially the dog bones) ,walking around, and messing.For the record I have TRIED to read, point out animals, sing songs and he's not having any of it.
* Has learned how to pull the safety plug stops out of the outlets and eats them for a snack.He looks kind of like a vampire.
*His hair seems to grow every single day and it's coming in curls!

*Knocking stuff off the side of the bathtub into the water is JUST about the best game ever
*Still has my favorite rolls around his ankles and wrists
* Messes and messes and messes and messes
* Loves his bit bit (how did we end up with two kiddos with bit bits)

*Refuses to sit down in the bathtub (JUST like his sister)
But seriously, look at this kid. He's such a cutie!