Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Cupcakes: 4 Months

The big 4! These are actually handmade cupcakes for Christmas Numero Tres: East Christmas on New Years Day. Beckett managed to knock one over and onto the floor about six times. I won't divulge if we snuck that one back into the general pile for the party =) At four months Beckett is:

Weight: 15lbs 12 oz (62%)

Height:25.5 in (69%)

Head: 94% (of course!)

* A drool monster!!! His shirt is just covered in drool all the time. He's gnawing on everything. His favorite is his squeaky giraffe or any type of blanket. The boy LOVES a blanket. He's also started to spit and blow bubbles with his tounge.
*Happy! He is quick to smile and typically a happy, easy go lucky little guy. His mouth is always WIDE open.

* Rolling! (as of Dec 28th)

*Found his toes. He is grabbing on to them whenever he can with both hands, but he hasn't managed to get them in his mouth just yet.

* A squeal machine. We are afraid he's going to wake up his sister sometimes.

*Loves to hold hands. While he's eating, while he's playing, when he's trying to eat your hand he's holding....

*Still not sleeping a ton. He ypically goes to bed around midnight and sleeps with one wake-up for a pacifier until about 6:30 or whenever Emmy wakes him up (and mommy gets very mad)He's still taking naps in the swing, when he'll take them, but that's about to change. Sleep training here we come!

*Eating about 6 ounces every three hours.He is a super messy eater, and usually has food all over his chin, face, and down in the folds of his double chin. He's also a picky thing. We've gone through three different types of bottles and he won't eat cold formula.

Here's some overall cuteness from the month :

*His favorite toy by far is Sophie the Giraffe. One night he was up with us after Emmy had gone to bed and he just had his giraffe under his arm and then he'd gnaw on the head for a while and make sad sad sounds. It was pretty cute.