Sunday, September 02, 2012

11 month pictures

Whew! I did it! I literally squeezed these in a couple of hours before he turned 1, but here they are. The final set of month pictures! 

 ( I love this little alfalfa horn that appeared about halfway through the pictures)

(love all the new toofers in this one!)

After we took these, the lady told me she wanted to try something "artistic" and put him in a laundy basket like he'd gotten in to my wash a) this lady obviously doesn't know me. Any clothes that do manage to get washed are usually thrown in a wadded up heap on the floor, and b) you can see what Beckett thought of this idea. 

Introducing Clara!

She's here! She's here! My sister finally had her beautiful baby girl, Clara Anne, and here she is!

She was born on August 28th and was 8 lbs 11 ounces and 21 inches long with lots of hair and chubby chubby cheeks!

 We are so excited to finally have her here and can't wait to love her and watch her grow!

SUPER B and E!

Brayden Boyer had a superhero party this weekend and we were supposed to dress up as superheros. I had grand designs of making adorable superhero capes and went and bought all this fabric. In my head I think I can sew, like it's as easy as just whipping out the machine and hemming the edges. That's not quite the reality. So I borrowed Emmy a cape from a friend and made some wrist and headbands with a few leftover sticky velcros, and I got the dress from Target for 4 bucks. AND what kind of superhero doesn't have a cast? It's her supercast (and it matches!). I actually went the iron on route for Becks and I was so proud of the cape. I was finished when I noticed one corner of the lightning bolt was coming up.  I decided to iron it back down and  burnt a giant hole in it!!! We just ironed another little star over that. So all of this to say that these are some SUPER janky superhero costumes, but for the cheap-o route, they look pretty freaking cute!

I of course, made them stand outside trying to take a picture together in SOME kind of super hero pose until it wasn't fun anymore (distressed B!)

and B decided to trip on his cape on the way inside. We got to go to the superhero party with a giant super swollen egg on his forehead. I'm pretty sure everyone at the party was JUST about to call CPS on my crippled children.

We had a great time at the party! And Emmy has been a superhero a couple days this week, so these "outfits" might be getting some good use after all!