Sunday, December 02, 2012

Disney on Ice

Emmy got a very special treat when GiGi treated her to Disney on Ice for her birthday. She even got to go to the Disney Store and pick out a brand new princess dress. She picked Rapunzel. 
 We got there and she was excited, but I don't think she really knew what the expect. Since we got there a little early, she had time to get acquainted with the ice and the stage.
 ok, we got there a LOT early.
 But that gave us time to get lots of stuff and a sno cone. I bet that she would love the flashy light and GiGi bet she would love the program. GiGi won. We pored over the program, used it throughout the show, and are STILL pouring over the program just about daily a month later. We've looked at all the ice skaters skates, guessed which one of the cast was which prince or princess,and named every single character on every page. Who knew that a program was SO entertaining.

We had fabulous seats. We really got an up close and personal look at the characters.

Emmy is a hard one to read. She's never going to gush or glow over something in the moment. The way you know she liked it that she keeps talking about it or bringing it up later. This one was a hit! We went home and made the barbies an ice skaing rink, and are still looking at the program daily.

I would say it was a hit!