Friday, June 01, 2012

oh wow...

Emmy's dance recital is fast approaching, and it was the big makeup day at dance last week. While I was talking to some other moms Emmy managed to sneak the red lipstick and get it all over her face. I'm talking ALL over her face. The only eye shadow I had in my bag was this blue (we used it for Cinderella) and just pretty much forget mascara. Trying to figure out how on earth we're going to do this for the recital. Let's just call this a hot mess.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day at the Beach

Guess where we spent Memorial Day? of COURSE we did! We also evidently invited a ton of stinky seaweed to come too.
 I honestly have never seen it quite this bad. The seagulls were loving it and the kids amazingly didn't mind, so we just went with it. The kids had a great time playing in the disgusting seaweed-y water and making (and destroying) sand castles. Beckett got to eat a big handful of sand. Guess he was testing out his two new bottom teeth that Pops discovered had popped up apparently overnight!
munching on some sand with his new teeth

Emmy even got to "fish" with a new Barbie fishing pole GiGi bought her. She caught a bunch of turquoise plastic fish and seaweed, but she was really getting in to the casting! 

Sweet Becks

My curly girl

The cousins came down to play for the day on Sunday. I think Abby would've stayed all day long. She just sat in the water unphased by the ick. The big thing of the day was catching the tiny shrimp that were washing up in the seaweed. Over the course of an hour or so Abby had buckets and buckets of tiny shrimp. Emmy has really been into digging up the "little animals" this year at the beach, but shrimp didn't seem to have the same magic for her. The seagulls were pissed that they were taking their food ( I imagine the shrimp were pretty pissed too).
GiGi decided to try and bring a gallon of bluebell to the beach. Emmy took advantage of the melting
I am sad to say that Memorial Day and the entire month of May has come and gone without me getting a sno-cone. I'm going to have to take care of that pretty quickly here.

Clap, clap , clap your hands...

Beckett's pretty much not into learning new tricks. Laser beam focus on walking and eating toilet paper and door knobers doesn't really allow for that. He did make some time in his busy schedule for one new trick.


Soccer has been an interesting experience. I will say that I am proud of Emmy. Most of the time we're down to two or three kids who will actually get on the field. Keppler and Luke are pretty aggressive and will go after the ball. Emmy isn't so aggressive but she IS the only girl who has scored not one but TWO goals (she's actually the only girl who has ever scored a goal and who will actually play) Here's a picture of her latest one! this was also our first WIN!! When you consider that there were only three kids who played the game, that tells you JUST how bad the other team was =)

While Emmy isn't necessarily aggressive, she DOES go out there the entire time and run after the ball for the most part. Sometimes she stands there with her hand in her mouth but that's after an hour of running. When she gets tired she comes off, gets a drink, and then goes back out. For a three year old, she's giving it an INCREDIBLY long attention span. 
Keppler takes it to the goal for one of his three goals (after that they don't count.. boo!)

"good-gaming" it after our first win against the Monsters
Emmy practicing dribbling (she's really actually pretty good at it)

 Even though we didn't win a lot, or even two, games, and we never even named the team, we'll finish strong with a double header (ugh!) Saturday. I can say that Emmy actually earned the trophy she'll get.

Go Team!