Friday, April 08, 2011

It's a.....!!!

It's finally the big day! We have been very excited to see what vacekito #2 will be! It seems like we got to this point in the pregnancy a LOT faster than with Emmy. We decided to have a "gender reveal party" for this one. It's the new thing to do! You invite everyone over to cut into the cake and the color of the icing is either pink or blue to tell the big news! I didn't want to decorate just pink or blue so I decided to go with a "game of Life " theme. My favorite part of that game was always sticking the different color pegs in the car, so this was a chance to have a real life application.

Mom made up a cute game where everyone had to guess boy or girl and then we read a bunch of old wives tales to see what they said boy or girl (they were incorrect, by the way)
Blake and I had planned on being surprised with everyone else, but it was just a little too hard =) We kept tight lips and didn't even bust out a "he" or "she" before everyone else knew! After a quick dinner (everyone just wanted to cut the cake) we went ahead and dug in!

That's right! Our big news is that we're having a little brother!!! Emmy has been saying it's a little brother all week, so I guess she just knew! We're so excited that our family is growing! I have NO clue what to do with a boy, but Blake is very happy to have someone to share sports with. We are also beginning negotiations on the marroon nursery (NO WAY!)

Blake's Mom saved his blanket from when he was a little boy. I can't wait to wrap my new little man up and bring him home in it! What a special thing to have! We are so happy to have gotten to share this time with our friends and family. This little boy is certainly loved already.