Wednesday, January 11, 2012

4 month pics

I have a crazy tradition where I go to take the kids pic every month. I am KIND of obsessed with pictures and it's a really fun way to watch them grow. With Emmy I got spoiled and had all of them digitally because all of the places would let you have the CD. Now they charge you $150 bucks for that thing, so what is below is janky screen shots ripped off the JCPenney's website, but they'll do. He took such cute ones this time I'm glad to have them! He really was a ham this time!

A Rockin RSV New Years

Before I forget, I'd like to commerate our AWESOME New Year's Eve this year. It consisted of Albuterol, Asti, and Justin Beiber on TV. If that's not a combo to make anyone jealous I don't know what is!

Thanksfully the little guys was back to himself in about a week, no hopsital needed.