Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy Day

We kicked off the Father's Day festivities with a brunch at the Egg and I to celebrate Pops. Poor Pops then spent the rest of his "celebration day" moving our crap to his house, where we're hopefully moving at the end of the week if we can get our house officially sold! We'll make it up to Pops when he gets back from his making him move our stuff out of his house and into our new house.. just kidding! (That will be later =) ) This morning we had donuts with Dad for Father's day breakfast. Emmy also had a nice blueberry lunch. She won't eat fresh blueberries but the frozen ones are ok for some reason. They are also a gigantic mess!
We finished up the weekend with the Vacek's trying out thier new boat "Tootsie." we decided we were going to invest in leashes to tie the kids to the side of the boat where they can't move. For some reason they all wanted to sit JUST on the edge with no one touching them of course.

With so much going on around here it was a quick and distracted Father's day, but I do have to give a big thank you to my wondeful hubby who everyday gives me and Emmy all of his heart. I'm so glad that he's the one I get to share this crazy journey with! Emmy and I say "wuvwu!" And to my Daddy, thank you for all the continued, love, support, and use of your truck =) I love you!