Thursday, November 06, 2014

Cupcakes: 3 months

Here we are again, another month flown by. I will admit, this is the first time in three kids, 26 sets of cupcakes, that we have missed the actual day. These are a day late. We thought about it and then never actually made it to the store. I can't believe we made it that far without it happening. I hope she'll forgive us =)
At three month Sutton is:
  • We didn't have an official weigh in for this month, but she's growing! The 0-3 month clothes are just about too small. We're moving in to 3-6. She has the chubbiest cheeks and is working on 3 or 4 chins.

  • Spitting. and spitting and spitting. Blowing bubbles is really fun, and so is just spitting for fun!
  • Sleeping really well finally! She officially sleeps from around 11 pm to 6ish. Naps are another story. They are off or on and last varying amounts of time from all day to NONE.
  • Is talking and talking. Particularly after she eats she'll scrunch up one shoulder and gurgle at you. I have tried for two months now to get this on camera and she refuses. As soon as she sees the camera she'll immediately stop.
  • We got a giggle! Of course not on camera. It will happen once or twice in a row and then she's done.
  • She loves to kick kick but is mainly interested in sitting up. She can pull her entire body upright from leaning back. She is incredibly strong!
  • Just like her brother and sister, standing up is the best. She can't support her weight for long, but she loves it.
  • Has found her fingers! Chewing and sucking on them keeps her busy. She also loves the blanket to chew.
  • The fake cough has arrived. She's not a huge fan yet, but will use it here and there.
  • YOu can see her actually thinking about using her hands to bat at toys. It's fun to watch the level of concentration. You can see the wheels turning and the delight when she gets it.
  • Is a happy happy girl.I will go ahead and call her an easy baby. I will probably regret that later. She rarely ever cries. Even her fuss is sort of just less happy.

  •  Will do "big eyes" when she's scared or surprised.
  • Is my first child who will fall asleep in a restaurant. I can wrap her up, rock her, and she'll just fall asleep and stay asleep while we eat. I am in complete awe every time it happens. I think I earned it after the last two!
  • Has been fully indoctrinated into everything Aggie already.

  • Has started taking baths in the big girl baby bath tub. She's always pretty unsure about it at first, and then tries to kick all the water out quickly after that.

Skippyjon the pumpkin

I remember making a pumpkin that looked like an alien baby, who I think was named Bleep for some reason, with my mom when I was in elementary school. I was secretly looking forward to Emmy being in school so we could do the pumpkin challenge. The kids were required to create a pumpkin that looked like a story book character. Emmy picked Skippyjohn Jones. We went to Hobby Lobby and she decided what materials to use, she was actively engaged in painting the pumpkin and making the first ear. She even told me under no circumstances was I to TOUCH any part of the pumpkin without her being there. Then I bet you can guess what happened. Yep, I made the rest of Skippyjohn. I swear, next year, it's all her!