Saturday, June 19, 2010

Playdate with the kids and the ladies

I am so glad that I still keep up with a lot of my high school friends and we all have kiddos about the same age. What's amazing is that even though most of these friends live in Houston, I never see them. That's kind of sad really, but given that we're all moving, having second babies, and trying to work and raise kids I guess it's not really that surprising. Kimberly finally got us all together to play in her new house. We took all these kids to Cracker Barrel last summer, and now look at them! We got all but one in a picture. I think that's pretty amazing. That's Johnathan, Adelaide, Aiden, Seth, Joshua, Emmy, and Caroline, we're missing Everett.

Kimberly made some really yummy Paula Deen" Monster" cookies for a snack. Since most of the kids don't get cookies for a snack usually, there was a LOT of chocolate everywhere. And the mommies snuck a few bites as well =)

Since there's never only 1 event a day, that afternoon we celebrate Susan's big 55 at a girl's only brunch at Brio. We had a lovely room all to ourselves and Susan cleaned up on shi shi outfits and cute jewelry and shoes. Unfortunately, no one gave her an IHOP gift card. I should've taken that upon myself =) Happy Birthday SuSu!