Sunday, August 03, 2014

The first week as a family of 5

Somehow it's already been a week since we've been home from the hospital.

This is a good picture of what the week looks like for me...

This girl is constantly eating her hands like she is STARVING. As soon as she eats (for almost an hour) she's got them back in her mouth chomping on them again.

She's also had her first bath, which she wasn't so crazy about.

 Had a milk party with a princess...(and the princess couldn't have been MORE excited)
 Watched WAY too much tv ....

Smiled and smiled.....
looked around quiet a bit... (always with her mouth wide open)
and of course, snoozed....


Introducing Sutton!

It's been so long since I blogged that there's a new Vacekito! That's right, #3!

Introducing Sutton Alice Vacek. Born July 23, 2014 at 8:51 am. She was a tiny 6 lbs 8 oz and 20.25 inches long.
 We decided that we wouldn't find out the gender of this baby. I was just sure that this was a boy. (mainly since the pregnancy was more like Beckett's and because of a radiology tech that used the pronoun "he." ) That meant I am 0 for 3 on correctly guessing the sex of my kids. The pediatric nurse asked me what I thought it was when I went into the OR and I told her a boy. She told me after "so I started making the bow hat as soon as you told me. "
We were all very surprised when she showed up!  I will say, that pretty much none of our family to this day believe that we didn't know the sex.  As proof, I give you the incredibly swollen feet and the FIVE! (yes FIVE names) we went to the hosptial with.

 The C section went well and Blake got to wheel the still unnamed baby girl out to meet the family.

After I finally made it to recovery and got to really see her sweet face, we decided that Sutton was her name. Blake claimed to have known this all along and even gave me a sweet necklace with an S initial on it.

The kids were immediately in love. Poor Sutton is going to have more kisses and pats on the head than she ever wanted. Emmy even wanted to come back to the hospital later that night to watch her get her first bath. Beckett just loved holding her and decled "it's tuut." and "this my sister."

She's been a relatively easy baby so far, just eating and sleeping and being incredibly cute. We can't get over just how teeny tiny she is, or just how much she looks like her big sister. We are so excited to see how her personality grows as she does!  We have decided that her nickname should be Squeak. When she cries really hard she squeaks as she breathes in. Just like a little squeaky toy =)  She is also very smiley! We're going to pretend it's not gas.

 Before we knew it was time to head home. Thank goodness I found the teeniest Coming Home outfit I could find. (Props to Aunt Megan for the same day monogramming on the blanket!)
 barely big enough to fit in the car seat!

 After we made it home and got settled in, I got one more big smile. I think we're all glad to be home!