Tuesday, May 22, 2012

8 Month Pics

So at this point, the pictures every month are getting not so fun, but we WILL keep plugging on! This month it was time for the bathtub pics. I have one of Emmy at the same age so I just HAD to have one of the Beck-a-Roo. Even though I'm super late doing them, they turned out SO well. He is a handsome little devil!

 This was the first picture she took and then after that it was OVER. he was jumping, climbing, twisting.. anything to get out of that bathtub!

Super Pee Paw Face!

 And here's my pair. Somehow it manages to capture them perfectly. Prissy Sissy and Crazy Becks!

Laura's First Mother's Day

This mother's day, just like a lot of events lately happened at the beach! We headed down for Laura's first mother's day brunch at The Mosquito Cafe.

After some yummy lunch we opened our gifts, and I managed to find the tiniest gift box in history to put Laura's gift in.

and we were at the beach, so we REALLY had to make smores. 
The Vacek Clan drove in for a fancy-schmancy brunch at the San Luis on Sunday. It was so fancy in the ballroom that Emmy asked me 'When are the Princesses coming?".

 They even had a live butterfly release and all the kids got their own personal envelope with a butterfly inside. Emmy's butterfly amazingly escaped death by squishing. She couldn't quite grasp the "on the edges" concept.

We finished up the weekend with the grand opening of Palm Beach at Moody Garden and Beckett's first swimming! It was a little cold so he wasn't totally into it. Emmy was a little fish last year but she is easing it to again. She loved the Wave Pool and we even got in trouble with the life guard for having too much fun I guess. Blake was throwing her up in the air and she was giggling and giggling.

For anyone wondering, yes the pee stance is back. There's no running to the bathroom. But if you ask her if she has too tee tee, bet she'll say "I just did!" SO if you're ever at the pool with us. WATCH OUT! Not sure how my Mother's Day post ended there, but it did.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cupcakes: 8 months

What an amazing month for Beckett! Last month he was on the verge of a lot and this month it all came together! (The cupcakes are no longer safe. There's at least two casualties a month.)

At 8 months the Beck-a-roo is:

  • Crawling EVERYWHERE, as fast as he can, wherever he wants to
  • Standing up everywhere, as fast as he can, wherever he wants to, sometimes he forgets that he's standing up and lets go and stands by himself for a second or two.
  • We have named him Yo-Graba-Graba. If it's anywhere NEAR his reach he's grabbing it. Even when you think he forgot about it. He didn't. And he's going to get it.
  • On a one man personal campaign to eat all of the door stopper thingies in the house. He wakes up in the morning on this mission. If you put him down he knows EXACTLY where the closest one is and makes a laser beam focus sprint over to it. 
  • Still not saying much, but making LOTS of teradactyl squealie noises.
  • Is eating and eating and eating and eating. They were right about boys and their appetites. He eats three times a day and is still taking bottles every 3-4 hours. He still prefers organic food only, please and REALLY likes table food best. Blackberries are VERY popular. So are carbs. Guess he fits in well =) When he's REALLY excited about his food he holds his arms out wide and makes happy feet by banging his feet together. 

  • Drinking from a sippie cup

  • Has "officially" moved to the big boy bath (I can still squeeze one in the baby bathtub when I'm lazy but usually end up soaking everything in the bathroom)

  • Has decided that blowing raspberries on your leg is about the funniest thing ever. 

  • This game is a close second. He'll even do it himself to try and get you to do it. 

  • Goes to sleep by himself, IN HIS CRIB! BY HIMSELF!!!!! (I am SO excited about this one) 
  • Still has absolutely ZERO desire to snuggle, read books, sing songs, or play with a toy. He's getting door knobber thingies, standing up, jumping, or grabbing something and eating it. Those four things make up a pretty good day. 
  • I've never seen him do this again, but it's just funny =)