Sunday, April 07, 2013

Happy 1 1/2 Birthday to B!

The little man turned 1 1/2 already! Not quite sure where the time went. We celebrated with the traditional cupcake.

At 18 months the Beck-a-roo:
  • Finally decided he was ready to talk, He says Dada (for me) Mama ( for Beckett) , Sissy, Down, Dog, Bird , bye bye, two, but it seems like the flood gates are open and he says new things every single day. He'll repeat almost anything. 
  • He can make many of the animal noises and actions, he knows everything from a camel to a penguin, to a butterfly. 

  • Can do most of the "transportation noises: boat, train, car
  • He is very into make crazy noises like this and going " ha-HA!" at the end

  • Love, love, LOVES to dance and sing
  • Will sign along with you, espeically at night when he's getting tired
  • Has all of 8 teeth
  • Is the pickiest eater I have ever seen. He wants all junk all the time. He does like eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, little smokies (a LOT) and waffles, LOTS of waffles (and syrup of course), and corn 
  • He usually sleeps like a champ, but will wake up about once every three to five weeks at about 3 am and will stay up ALL NIGHT LONG
  • Is still just full of personality, will walk up to every single person at the grocery store and wave at them and say Hi until the respond. Flirts up a storm
  • The "Cheese" face is in full effect. If he sees a phone he automatically "cheeses" because of course you're taking a picture of him

  • It's probably time to get a haircut, but I refuse. He's got my hair, wiry, thick, and a little crazy
  • Is just starting to like to read books, his favorites are "red hat green hat" and anything that he can open, feel, or touch.
  • We have a saying that "what the emmy do, the beckett do" - because, well it's true
  • I've never seen anyone so obsessed with pouring. Two solo cups and something to pour back and forth and he's happy for an hour. The bathtub is a favorite place
  • He's happy to play cars or read books by himself. He'll play in the playroom and keep himself quietly busy (Big change from his sister!)
  • Still knows what he wants. If you're tickling his foot and he wants you to keep doing it, he'll grab your hand and put it on his foot until you finally concede and do what he wants
  • Wants to be a big kid pretty badly, wants out of his highchair seat, and to do what the big kids are doing.

He Talks to Somebody

Some pictures are just too cute not to document =)

Emmy and Blake went to Father's Night at Emmy's school which was western themed. Emmy was beyond excited to show him her room and all the stations, since he doesn't get to take her to school very much.

Emmy had to answer some questions about Blake and what his favorite things were. This is what she said:
His favorite food is: Steak
His Favorite TV show is : Football
My favorite this to do with Daddy is: Play princesses
When I'm at school Daddy : TALKS TO SOMEBODY

At least she's partially right ;) 

Picking up Pecans

While Mommy took a little girls weekend to Galveston, Daddy took the kids to Gandy's. They decided to spend an entire day picking up pecans, honestly FORTY POUNDS of pecans.

Blake brought two giant shopping bags full and had them cracked. We worked an entire night shelling them and managed to make 2 ziploc bags worth. I don't think the rest of them are happening ;)