Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter, in captions

The Easter bunnt came! He brought treats and more CD's... he must've known that Mommy and Daddy were SERIOUSLY tired of the other CD

We started off the day with church, Emmy danced to the "church jams" on Gigi's lap through the service
Blake's FAVORITE part of any holiday is the lengthy picture session that always follows church. But I think we got a few good ones!

After a carb-tastic brunch and a little movie watching, Emmy tackled Egg hunt #1!
At the Vacek's SuSu and Gandy had a BIG surprise... Easter Chicks!!! ( a bigger surprise is that no one got pooped on all day!)
This picture just had to go in here becasue, well, look at it.. they're the same....

After harrasing the chicks for a while, we let them roam the garden to find worms, and Easter Egg hunt #2 began!Emmy was really more interested in the candy inside. She dilligently found all the Reese's eggs she could and bit through the foil into every single one of them. She ignored the other candy.

Another fun holiday with food, family, fun... and chickens!!!

The end of free Mondays

It's back to work on Mondays, four days a week. I'll miss the time hanging out with my baby girl and the lazy Sundays, but at least there's always Friday!