Wednesday, September 09, 2009

El dia de labor

That's my spanish for Labor day in case you didn't know.
We spent the day gorging at Mom and Dad's house. And if you don't know the lengths a Sansom gorge can go to let me tell you, for 8 people and 2 babies there were 12 steaks, 2 whole chickens, two types of bread, two different types of grilled vegetables, sweet and baked potatoes, corn, fruit salad, baked apples, apple dumplings, brownies, ice cream, cookies, and several different types of dips and chips. No, that's not our planned Thanksgiving meal, that was Labor Day. I'm not complaining becasue I'm STILL eating of of the leftovers =) Thanks Mom and Dad!

So after we ate all that, it's totally logical that we would put on swimsuits, right? Here's some cute pics of the pool festivities. We got in trouble because Collin dared to do a flip on the diving board, the boys tried to jump too closely together in the pool, and we started a ball fight in the kiddie pool over the gator. Evidently the pool has been turned into a no-fun-zone! We're SOOOOO crazy! We went against the high-school lifeguards- REBEL!
Emmy finally has enough hair to make it "WILD" with suncreen

The rebel flip

The victory picture after slipping a flip by the lifeguards

The girls

Sitting in frogs is SOOOOOO fun

Bordering on child abuse But hilarious to do to your husband =)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

No More Llama Drama

We decided to take advantage of the cooler weather (hahah) today and take a family trip to the zoo. It's been a while since I took Emmy and she LOVES to watch the dogs run around, so I thought she might be old enough to enjoy it now.

She was SO cute when she saw the animals. She called everything a dog. Da.... da... dadadadadadadadadaadada... at various decibles. She would just smile and wave her hands and watch them as they ran around. The biggest hit of the day was the deer. (Probably becasue it was first and she wasn't hot or tired yet.)She also liked the giraffes and the sea lions. They got a lot of dadadadadadadas....

The hat was just a liiiiittle too small =)

We tried to take a picture with the flamingos for Gigi, but this is how far away you have to get from them before your nose hairs aren't singed... Flamingos are stanky!
Since she lives for danger, Emmy got to get up close and personal with the piranahas.
From our last zoo outing, we couldn't wait to go see the llamas. Since she's a big girl now, Emmy said "'I'm willing to put aside our differences to make peace for the llama/baby communities." Those llamas are ok now.

We spent a lot of time today looking at the animals and telling Emmy what they "said." When we got to the llama (and made peace) we told Emmy that llama's like to spit. I guess she got it!