Sunday, July 19, 2009


We took Emmy's first road trip to the land of the t-sips this weekend for the official end of our wedding careers (Well at least we think it an end...However, we will still be extremely excited to be in your wedding if you're a friend and not married and we've forgotten about you =) ) Blake was honored to be a groomsman in his good friend Brian's wedding. Brian and Blake have been friends for a VERY long time. They grew up together in Sugar Land before Brian moved to Dallas, but later roomed together at A&M. We decided to make it a college roomie weekend and also got to have a catch-up brunch with my former roomie Carissa.

We got a good start on Friday night with the rehearsal and dinner. After the rehersal we dropped Emmy off with Boppa and Lanny (who were AWESOME and helped watch Emmy all weekend) while we attended the rehearsal dinner. Now, Emmy usually goes to bed no later than 8, so when we got home at 10 we assumed we were good-to-go. Wrong! Child was bouncing up and down on the bed, laughing and talking. We finally got her down in the pack and play right after this...

...(If you can't read the clock it says 11:14)...only to have her wake up about two hours later screaming. The only thing that would make her stop crying is to sleep basically on my head while she wacked me in the face with her pacifier periodically. Poor baby is so stopped up she snores like a grown man. Let's just say I was not going to do a lot of sleeping.

After our nice restful sleep we got up early for a little sight-seeing light. Since it was 850 degrees outside, so we did as much as we could inside. This means we ate A LOT. We started with the Sweetish Hill Bakery for breakfast, and of course sugar cookies.

The we headed over to the Capitol. Betsy had taken a picture during her bridal session I wanted to recreate with the Bemmers. Success!!!!

We had this great idea to put Emmy on the middle of the seal in the rotunda of the Capitol while Blake ran upstairs and took the shot from above. That's Emmy the ant on the star. Brilliant idea Kristen.

The wierd thing is that once we put her down there, literally 10 people started taking pictures of her, including the state trooper guarding the place. One lady asked me if she could hold her. REALLY!!! may not hold my baby strange sweaty lady I don't know. Seriously???

After lunch at Hula Hut we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the big day. The wedding was gorgeous, and we headed over to the reception for dinner and dancing!

Emmy hit the floor to Tina Turner (She's a big Rollin on the River fan) and slow danced with her Daddy. Yes, Emmy was a BIG super bow-head for the wedding and she's probably going to hate me for these pictures later, but when you have a really poufy dress, you need a big bow. That, and I ran out of time to go buy a smaller one, and this one matched.

We captured a SUPER peepaw face in this one...

She was a trooper and made it until about 10 (because we all know she's not going to sleep before then!) when Boppa and Lannie took her home.

All I have to say about the rest of the night is this...

Fun roadtrip weekend, gorgeous wedding, fun time with fam, BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL bed in my own house...

Seven Month Photo Shoot

Last month flew by SO fast, I couldn't believe it was time to be taking pictures again. She wasn't her usual perky self for some reason, but we still got a few. We even managed to capture one of her standing up by herself. In most of the pictures, she was doing some form of patty cake. She's all about that right now!