Sunday, March 25, 2012


Betsy and I usually take a traditional Bluebonnet trip to Brenham to take pictures in the Bluebonnets.It was such a fun day-trip when we had two kids and could go during the week. With four kids,7000 other people who want to go on the weekend, and husbands who get a little pissy when we mention the bluebonnet trip (Blake actually told me no way in HELL was he taking a bluebonnet trip this year) I decided to just buck it up and pay for them. I think that was a pretty good decision!The photographer also had a bunny and chicks to take Easter pics with.Two kids, two chicks and a rabbit madefor an interesting session. Let's just say that at any give moment someone was trying to run away.

Birthday Boy Parties and Parties and Parties

The merry month of March contines on with MORE birthdays! We started with a party for Lynn and Blake at Stella Sola. It's a "Texas Tusan" restauraunt that Blake has been wanting to try because they sell a suckling pig like the one we had in Spain. Here's the birthday boy/girl.
and here's the little piggy. Here's our nice pre-dinner dinner cake...and then this happened...I managed to sneak a ticket for Blake to my Rocket'sevent on Tuesday to meet RobertHorry and watch the Rockets vs. Lakersgame. Like everyone else, Robert Horry told us (not just Blake!) that we look young.He did sign a ball for Beckett's sports bedroom.Since it was his birthday I let him take a pic with the Power dancers.As if that wasn't enough partying in five days, we invited the fam over to have steak and cookie on his REAL bday. You can see that Emmy really enjoyed the cookie.
We capped off the week of partying withone more session at a new restaurant called Underbelly this weekend. We have eaten and drank enough in one week for a MONTH.The crazy thing is that he still has one party left! He's stretching the whole bithday week thing to a good month!