Wednesday, July 07, 2010


When we moved we had to get rid of the cleaning lady so we've trained Emmy to take on that role while we're at Mom and Dad's.

Ok, so really Mom and Dad have really nice wood floors and since they can't get wet, Dad spends a lot of time mopping us after us slobs after we wash our hands or wash dishes. Emmy's just trying to do her part too! She worked up such a sweat, we had to jump right in the tub.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bye Bye Spring Alps Court

Hello from the new home fo the blog, HUMBLE! We are officially on week two of our homelessness! My mom and dad have graciously allowed us to move in and take over thier house until we find a new one. The past few weeks were a little nuts and have been somewhat of a whirlwind.
We got a REALLY low cash offer at the beginning of June with a closing date of June 25th. It came out of the blue, and we thought we'd have MUCH longer to close, but it was an offer so we made it work. For people who wanted to close REALLY REALLY fast, they had ZERO sense of urgency. A week to negotiate the price and another week to do inspections left us signing the final (or what we thought was final) contract on the monday before we were supposed to move on Thursday. That's right, we had THREE DAYS to pack up all of our crap and get it out. Needless to say, it was a really stressful month waiting on these people to just really, pick up the phone and respond. It was absolutely nuts how slowly the process moved. Blake and I both made ourselves pretty much sick wondering if the deal was going to go through and pondering if we could actually pack up all of our junk that fast and get it moved somewhere. Where, well that was another question! We picked a random storage unit and a moving company (TOTALLY worth the money) and moved on out!
Friday we get a call saying that they're at our house doing a walkthrough. Well no one knew they were doing a walkthrough, so we hadn't finished cleaning the house! They said they weren't closing because (I'm not kidding) the oven wasn't clean enough and we hadn't vacummed!! Seriously? So Blake and I went and crammed about two days worth of cleaning into four hours and went off to do our closing. While we were closing they did another walkthough and on thier way out the door, they decided that the house had a BEE PROBLEM!! (A bee problem, outside, of course) and they could not close until it was fixed. They wanted me to ensure that there were no bees outside the house. OUTSIDE THE HOUSE... I can't really write what I had to say about that but they FIANLLY closed on the Monday after that and we are gone from Spring Alps Court forever!

I'm happy to have gotten an offer so quickly on the house, but I started getting sentimenal there at the end. We actually built the house and we used to go visit the house every Friday and eat at Los Cucos afterward. Later we went to Los Cucos every Monday with Betsy and Collin for 99 cent happy hour and then every Friday with the girls for traditional Friday Night can see i'm really going to miss Los Cucos instead of the house =) ... We had great neighboors, and I'll miss being able to just let myself in for a drink or food =) I can't even start on what it meant to me to have Betsy and Collin so close for so long. We got to share our pregnancies and time off and had probably close to 500 pedicures at Hollywood nails =)
We became a family there and brought Emmy home from the hospital here. I actually came down the stairs crying when I brought her up the stairs for the last time on the final night we spent. Blake, of course, laughed at me, but it's going to be so strange to not phsycially be in the place where those memories were made. I like to think that we filled that house with happiness and hope that those crazy people who bought it are not as crazy as I think they are and will be able to enjoy the good karma we left.
We have become what could nicely be called obsessed with finding a new house. We have memorized and have been looking three times already. We put an offer on a house and lost. Hopefully we'll find something soon before the padres kick us out or we go nuts memorizing pictures of houses. Strangely, there's just not a lot on the market. So forgive us if there's not many posts for a while, we'll be spending that time calcualting average price/sq. foot and debating the merits of attached vs. detached garages. PSYCHO!