Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Singing and dancing

Emmy loves singing in the chior at church. They only do about two performances a year, so Emmy is usually enamored with the giant TV and watches it the entire time, or eats her hair, or kind of sings. She was feeling this song! She got the hip action going!!!
Her chior teacher came up to us after and said told us how surprised they were to see Emmy dancing like that on stage because she's usually so quiet at choir. We're noticing that home Emmy and public Emmy are two very different people. At home it's a nonstop performance. Wondering if performing is going to be her "thing" or if she sometimes just feels it ;)

Here's what a typical morning/noon/night looks like at our house. B is doing his best Tom Cruise and his version of "dancing" which he loves just as much as his sissy. A lot of rocking back and forth and running around. He will even copy the very dramatic hand moves that she usually does. She has some set ones that she does to all of her Princess songs and he will follow her move for move. They will dance all day long if you let them.

And proof that this song was everywhere this year, when it's on the car Emmy will sing all the words and Becket will do the "heys" and raise his hands . They sing the whole song together. I kind of love it. I hope that they will always love each other this much. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Brusha Teef and the first trip to the dentist

Beckett has recently become OBSESSED with brushing his teeth. He will fight Emmy for the stool to get to the water and will just crack up the entire time he "brushes" them. If you can't find him, there's a good chance he's snuck upstairs and is in Emmy's room brushing his teeth by himself and laughing. We have a "brusha brusha brusha , brusha brusha teef" song that we sing (you know we do) and at the end you have to show everyone your beautiful teeth. Here's B's version. 

When we went to his year checkup they asked me if we had been to see the dentist yet.Seriously? He has like 4 teeth! Since I had to add him to the insurance anyway I figured what the hell. I thought he might be a little nervous but he was cool as a cucumber. The actual visit took all of 15 seconds. He was a champ for all 15 and gave the dentist a hi-five and had a major death grip on his new toothbrush. He wouldn't even give it up for a toy. The boy is obsessed!

Playing at Kate's House

Kate invited everyone over for a playdate at her house. The girls have gotten to hang out quite a bit over the holidays, and they immediately decided that they of course needed to dress up. Being the fashionista that she is, Kate of course had princess dressed to fit everyone. 

I'm getting spoiled spending so much time with these girls

Flu 3, Vaceks 1 (and he ran a marathon to show off)

We decided to go ahead and start the new year out with a bang and ALL get the flu, except of course Blake, who is the only one of our family with an actual immune system. After a week of sniffles I finally gave in and took the kids to the doctor. Flu B for everyone! We even managed to infect Berta, our nanny, who claimed she has not been sick in 7 years. Leave it to us!!!!! Being the brave mother that I am, I put us in to seclusion and suffered through a week of flu for me and two kids with flu. To pass the time we watched LOTS of movies, Emmy did some unsupervised testing of her new make up kit she got for Christmas (leg lip gloss is the new thing)

ate lots of popsicles, and of course, made flu cakes. I can't help but want to do some kind of testing to see JUST how many germs are in each one of these. Who wants one? 
Just to show off, Blake ran the Houston Half Marathon that weekend. He trained with his friend Josh and they ran all 13.1 in the pouring down rain and freezing cold. He finished in just over 2 hours and we are VERY very proud of him! It must've been that Olive Garden meal we ate at 11 pm the night before. Race approved for sure!


We came limping in to Christmas this year. At least we put all of the decorations up WAY early (my neighbor told me  " I KNEW you were an October decorator!") We've learned that if we don't do stuff when we have 5 minutes to do it, it never gets done. The house had not one but three fully decorated trees and one, empty tree upstairs with a few random things hung on it. Blake just kept finding trees and putting them up!  We had stockings,not monogrammed  but at least they were there, and even garland on the banister. Wow- look at us!

The Sansom family headed over to our house to celebrate again this year because we were asked to light the Christ Candle in the advent wreath this year and Emmy had her Christmas Choir program at the Christmas Eve service. We had to be there early so we didn't even take a family picture. Here's one of my unsmiling angel in her Christmas program and one of the dapper B.

Emmy is all about singing and dancing now, and we've listened to the CD of the choir musical, oh about 7,000 times and Emmy dances and sings to all of it. Well, it turns out that B was watching! During the musical, he stood on Pops lap and did all of the motions to the songs. The people behind us were cracking up and he thought he was hilarious!! He surprises us everyday with the things that he knows. Emmy did a great job singing (or at least doing the hand motions) Away in a Manger and we didn't light the church on fire so I call it a success!

After we were finished at church, we headed home for some eating and present opening! We went traditional this year and cooked. Felt kind of weird since we haven't done it in a long time! As usual there were WAY too many gifts. Clara wasn't really sure what to think and Beckett was happy with the first thing he opened and didn't really care about anything else. Emmy, as usual, wanted to organize and hand gifts out to everyone. She had more fun doing that than anything else.

The most exciting part about Santa for Beckett was, of course, fruit snacks. That's right. Not toys, or cars, or the giant soccer goal, fruit snacks. Emmy was SO excited to get her Tiana doll. She has wanted her for a long time. We're ALMOST finished with the entire collection.