Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 Days Early, Happy Birthday Daddy!

We continued the Birthday month with, you guessed it. eating. As if there was anything else to do! We started off with an adult's only gorging at PF Changs to celebrate Lynn (61) and Blake's (31) birthday.

Did you know that they sell fried Green Beans at PF changs? They are AWESOME. Usually eat until you want to throw up gorgings take place with my family, it's not a Vacek-type thing to do, but they went all in on this one. Maybe I'm rubbing off?

We went for a quick trip to our old house (wierd to drive by your old house and not live there by the way). Our old next door neighboor Andrew was turning one!
His parents Roger and Amy had Ruffles the clown come to entertain all tke kids at the party. We tried to paint Emmy's face around Halloween and it was an epic fail. We couldn't wait to see what happened when she a) got near Ruffles the clown and b) Ruffles tried to put paint on her. She started out a little hesitant,
but by the time Ruffles was through she told me. "I want paint on ALL emmy's body." We'll have to have a discussion about tattoos. She and Ruffles were best friends by the end of the party. Mommy maintained a safe distance. You know how I feel about clowns.

We headed from the party to... eat more! After a yummy lunch at Kasra (Blake's favorite place for lamb) we headed over for dessert at Ruggles Green. Blake is starting to get a little spoiled with all this partying in one weekend.

Emmy's getting pretty good at Happy Birthday now (she'll sing it 7 times this month), but since this is a special one, we had to include another version just for Daddy.