Sunday, October 25, 2009

Carving up pumpkins!

Today we took advantage of the gorgeous weather to do a little outdoor pumpkin carving. We picked Emmy's little pumpkin out at the church pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago and decided it was time to carve him up. Emmy had a little pumpkinphobia and would run and jump in my lap anytime Blake tried to make her look at it. She did however, get a little excited when she figured out that she MIGHT be able to eat it.

Blake did the disgusting guts job. We briefly considered roasting the seeds and then thought about cleaning them out of all the goop and said, nah. Emmy got her finger in the pumpkin and had a bite. She did the shudder and gag pretty quickly, which is pretty hilarious considering that she gladly munches on dirt and would LOVE to lick that pumpkin stem. From then on out sat and munched on a milk duds box and was quite happy. This is as close as she got to the action.
I tried to take a turn and cut the eyes, but we ended up having to do emergency eye surgery. One of them is stuck on with some kind of nail that Blake dug out of the garage. Carving pumpkins is harder than you think. Blake carved up a gigantic mouth and we decided on no nose this year. Our pumpkin looks a little drunk, but hey, that's ok.
We left out masterpiece outside tonight and have a bet on if it will still be there in the morning or if one of the 800 million ants currently living in our flowerbed will have hauled it off. What exactly DO you do with a carved pumpkin? It's not coming inside, but it's gonna get pretty funky pretty fast! Oh well, now we're all ready for Halloween!