Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane, but we came right back

Emmy and I didn't let a little thing like another ear infection (GROAN), cough, steroids, and snot keep us down. We hopped a commuter jet to Corpus for a LONG overdue visit with the greatgrandparents! I figured this would be an excellent first trip on a plane since the total flight time on the way down was a whopping 29 minutes. Awesomeness!
Another little bit of awesomess was that the plane was about half empty. So we had plenty of room to spread out and play with the airplane stickers that Gigi bought. The ride was pretty much uneventful! She ran back and forth between us and played with all her toys. The pressure didn't even bother her. I don't think she got that she was "On" an airplane, but she dutifully signed airplane when we asked her about it.
We spent a lot of quality time hanging out with the great-grandparents, coordinating around four (ok mine is included) nap schedules, and eating. Sounds like a nice weekend, huh =) We started out by visiting the new aquarium at the mall. Emmy got five adults to play "Tag" with her in the middle of the mall. That's right, she had us jumping up and down and running around while she ran after us and "tagged" us. Unfortunately a lot of her tags are crotch-level. A little inapprorpiate, yes, but fun none-the-less! You just gotta be careful when you're tagged =)
We had some good quality paw Paw time after that. Emmy hasn't really been around Paw Paw since she's been a "big girl", but she took to him instantly. She pretty much wouldn't leave him alone and learned how to say his name in one day. If that's not bonding, I don't know what is!
Emmy is obsessed with birds and ducks right now since they just completed that unit at her school, so we decided to take her to the duck park. Since it was Corpus, it turned out that the seagulls had taken over. We fed the bread and dodged the poop. These guys are pretty agressive.

The next day we went to the new awesome park that Corpus has right on the ocean. Since Emmy had an ear infection and we were trying to avoid the CRAZY wind, Mom rigged up this awesome contraption made up of a headband and hat to keep her ears covered.

Emmy had a great time running up and down the stairs and swinging.

I am in love with this picture. The combo of the tie-dye, sideways hat, and what looks like hightops. It looks like it needs a warning "Caution: May Breakdance at any moment"

We said bye to Paw Paw, Maw Maw, and Aunt Jane and headed back to the airport to finish up our quick trip. Emmy was an old pro this time... she got her boarding pass....
Pointed out her plane, and we got on board.
Only to have to sit there for over 30 minutes before we could take off... This in effect doubled the trip time. After a little while we were all going BONKERS!!!! But we made it! Succesful first plane ride! Thanks Maw Maw, Paw Paw, and Jane for a great trip!

Monday, March 15, 2010

No Cupcakes: 15 months

At 15 months Emmy:

  • Weights about 25 pounds (90%) is 31.5 inches long (75-90%). The head has finally leveled off! 46 cm. That's still 97th percentile, but we'll take it =)
  • Is talking up a storm! Mama, Dada, Gigi, Pops, Boppa (we're working on Lannie) dog, ball, no, yea!, bubble, fish, panda bear, oh no!
  • Finally started babbling randomly after her tubes. She pretty much talks all day unless she's being "shy". Screaming and squealing also happens quite a lot.
  • Is learning new signs at school every week: butterfly, airplane, bird, duck, all done, more, please, milk, dog, cat, bear
  • She also knows that a car says "beep beep", a train says "choochoo", a truck says "honk honk", and a boat says "toot toot" We learned these at the doctor's office from the stickers on the wall. That's how often we're there =(
  • Can "sing" two songs : Old Macdonal had a farm (she says Eieio) and Bringing Home My Baby Bumblebee (she says babybumblebee and makes hand motions and bops up and down)
  • Says "ooooooooooooo" witha very damatic face when she sees something she wants or when she's trying to be dramatic (I'll have to get this on tape)
  • Dance, dance, dance, dance.. to anything, music, banging, singing, talking... it's always something to dance to. She's trying to learn how to "march" and "hop". It's pretty funny!
  • Knows EXACTLY when she's doing something wrong. She looks at me, wags her finger and says, "no, no, no". then usually does it anyway. We're about to start time outs!
  • Can make lots of animal sounds. Cat, dog, horse, lamb (her favorite), cow. Her favorite toys are animals that we made run around the room.
  • Will respond by nodding her head with yes and no to questions and will follow verbal commands
  • The wonderful sleeping got shorter after tubes. She goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes up at 6:30 (booooooo)
  • Finally figured out how to "ride" her riding toys and loves to climb anything. She hasn't quite mastered ladders yet.
  • She's suddenly turned picky eater. Mac and Cheese is ALWAYS acceptable, but besides that it's hit or miss. My little broccoli eater is long gone.
  • we have Six teeth now! Four in the front and two top molars (that we think came in around the 11th)
  • Would be outside all day if at all possible. She loves to just sit in the grass and spot birds and cars and pick weeds. We will use this skill later in life ;)
  • Has started "pretending" talking on the phone, cleaning the floor with her blanket, changing the tv channel with the remote (that one makes me feel REALLY good!) and making her butterfly "fly" in the air
  • Has created her own game of "tag" where she runs and "gets" you

She is just a little nut and total ham! She loves being the center of attention and defiently knows how to put on a show. We're in trouble!