Monday, August 17, 2009

The Inevitable..

Well, we knew it had to happen sooner or later, but after 8 months, Emmy finally has her first ear infection =( Actually, she decided to do it right her first time and has a double ear infection. She's been battling the green nose goop for a while now, but the doctor kepy telling me there was nothing they could do. I finally just brought her in and sure enough, there it is. She's happy as a clam, not showing any signs of anything. She did develop a new what we're calling"head snuggle." We thought it was a cute way to get your food, but maybe she was trying to tell us that her ear hurt. I am happy to report that Amoxocillian smells just as good as it did when you were 8 and Emmy loves it. In fact, she's so mad in this picture because she couldn't get the bottle open!

Meet Howie!

We'd like to welcome the newest member of the fam... Howard Townsend!
Poor Howie has a pretty sad backstory. He was abused and then abandoned by his previous owner and somewhere along the way he also got heartworms. Poor thing... Laura and Sean have adopted him and soon he'll be fat, happy basset #4!

Splish splash!

Today we spent the day at the pool with the Graessers. Benjamin and Emmy had fun playing with the water spout while Hannah and Ellie ran through the sprinklers and swam in the big pool. Just a few pics that were so cute I had to post them!

Just the girls... and Emmy's white belly =) Unfortunately we will never be as tan as the Graessers

Poor Benjamin is outnumbered

This was interesting for a LOOOONg time (thank goodness)

"Big girl" time

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Another Busy Weekend

More birthdays! To celebrate Aunt Betsy's birthday (and her last free day before school starts...boooo)we decided to meet up with Kimberly and Ashley for lunch. Yes, that means that we had six kids at lunch (two 2 and a half year old, one 1 year old, two 8 month olds, and a four month old). Can you say BRAVE! We decided that the Cracker Barrel was an appropriate kid-friendly place to take 6 kids for lunch and the staff at Cracker Barrel throught that, of course, right next to the smoking section was the absolute best place to seat all the infants. I didn't even know you could smoke in Houston anymore, but evidently the smokers all found out about Cracker Barrel. I never really understood the concept of a smoking "section", if they're smoking, we're all smoking..... but that's a different blog. But the crew did pretty good! We even managed to talk just a little bit. We did leave about a 75% tip becasue you did NOT want to see the floor. You can see from the picture below JUST how excited all the kids were about lunch....Seth (in the carrier) was esepcially just busting a gasket with happiness =) Here's Aiden, Emmy, Everett, Caroline, Seth, and Adelaide (hidden in the carrier.)

That night Blake and I had a "Fancy Date" as Laura calls it and went to dinner and a concert. If you don't know about Houston Restauraunt week check it out here: . You can try some of the best restauraunts in Houston for a great price. Since Blake and I love to try out new places, this is one of our favorite weeks. We went to Voice in the Hotel Icon downtown. Then we went to see Daughtry at Warehouse Live. Here's the required picture where you can't see anything from my I-phone. That's him right there in the middle.

What we learned is that ladies LOVE duagtry and Daugtry loves to do short concerts and get the hell out. He didn't talk a whole lot, came in, did his thing, and left. I guess that's one way to get it done. The audience was a little wierd. Full of what I might call "couglets" having a good time. Women not quite old enough to be cougars, but aaaalllmost. Blake and I had a long discussion about when cougardom starts, I said not until like 45... blake said 30.. that would make me a potential cougar. I'd like some votes on this.

Saturday we went to Brayden Boyer's first birthday party. They had a fun ball pit there that all the kiddos loved. Emmy spent most of the time picking up each individual ball, giving it a nice licking, putting it down to get another one, and then repeating. This is becoming sort of a tradition. She licked all of Caroline's blocks at her party. We're hoping this isn't going to keep going or we're not going to get invited anymore. The party was too cute with all the barnyard decorations and Emmy had a great time playing with the kids. My favorite part of a first birthday party is always the cake, so here's a pic of Brayden chowing down. He's such a cute little guy!

We spent today shopping. We finally retired the old college vacum cleaner that is 10 years old and really just pushes dust around. We're currently doing an experiment where we put it out on the curb and see if anyone takes it before the morning. We have bets. We also put up our first gate in the house and the pack-n-play is coming down. It's the beginning of the kid stage! We're thinking we'll be walking in a few weeks!

Just to close off on a cute note, Emmy is finally growing some hair! We're a LONG way from a bow, but at least you can clump it together and see it when it's wet! Since I can't make a mohawk yet, we had to settle for horns =)