Friday, November 18, 2011

The Pledge

Yesterday Emmy brought home a "happy gram" from school saying that she was an excellent flag holder during the Pledge at school. I honestly had never thought about even teaching her the Pledge of Allegiance....she's not even 3 =) I asked her about it and she said "yeah.. and then bust into the pledge!

It really makes me wonder what else she knows that we have no clue to even ask her about. She remembers EVERYTHING anyone says and will recall details about things I've forgotten. For example, we have been going to the library for about two months now every week or so and getting 6-10 new books everytime. I really just let her pick whatever books she wants without screening them too much so sometimes we end up with a few interestingones (ie. I'm adopting a little brother from Mexico, dying dog, books in Spanish). So one of the VERY first times we got books there was one named Searching for Mr. Woodcock that fell into the wierd category. THis last week we got another "Wierd" one that was too wierd to even read. I told her that this one was wierd and she said " oh, like mr. woodcock." SO strange that she remembers that one book out of the tons that we've read. I had even forgotten about it. It took a while for me to figure out what she was saying. I'm thinking that she's a little smarty pants!

Proof these are Blake's kids... not that we needed any =)

So there are some traits that are distinctly Vacek. The most distinctive is the Vacek Open Mouth. This means that you're having a REALLY good time! Blake and Megan and Bob all do this and every single one of the grandkids does as well. It has to be genetic.
When Blake is concentraing he also has a hard time keeping his mouth shut. Emmy's new obsession is cutting. The other morning we cut up old magazines for two hours. That's an AMAZING amount of time for something to hold her interest. Usually it's about ten minutes if you're lucky. I like to call this "Concentration Tounge," inherited directly from her father. They're his for SURE!

And since I called out Blake, here's proof that they're mine =) a strong ability to run into ANYTHING, no matter how big or obvious it is. Sometimes she'll just fall down while she's standing.

And major eye tone... I don't think I need to explain that!