Saturday, December 01, 2012

It's FINALLY halloween

I love me some Halloween, but I feel like every year it gets longer and longer.. that may have something to do with all the crap I try and cram in it, but I'm getting to where by the time it gets here, I'm ready for it to be done! We continued the tradition of heading over to Megan and Keith's to trick or treat with the cousins. 

 The first stop is always their neighboor's Ana and Robert's Halloween carnival. They have cute little games for the kids to play and they get coins to "buy" the prizes. Emmy was into this year, especially once she figured out she could save the coins to get the really big stuff. then she was like a machine, doing each one over and over and over until she could get a stuffed puppy, just what we need. This girl is GOAL ORIENTED! Here she is, mid shoot at about the 7th round of the nery shoot-y gun game.
 The kids had a good time eating candy and
 and Beckett had a good time eating Cheetos for dinner. (it's Halloween afterall)
Emmy is getting more and more picture adverse. The more pictures you want to take, the surlier and surlier she gets. She will get to the point of doing the fake smile or just standing there. That is why the best picture I have of her is with a hot dog bun in her mouth.
 After the carnival we headed out to trick or treat. I should've known that the monkey hat wearing was too good to be true. Two steps in he was yanking on it and screaming....

 and similar to his sister, once he snacked a sucker (no one will fess up to giving it to him) it was all over. We tried to get him to get interested in getting the candy, but he was having none of it. Two houses in, we gave up and took the sweaty (did I mention that it was about 80 degrees, ugh!) monkey home.
 The other kids did some SERIOUS trick or treating. We made the entire loop of the neighborhood and they ran from house to house and we have to stop them a few times from going up to houses with no candy. No fear this year ,,,,Except from whatever Abby was explaining in this picture ;)